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Apr 15, 2010 02:20 PM

can't make reservation

I've been trying to make online reser. and it seems as if I can't b/c I'm trying to book for 1. For example I select a date and time at Au Petit Marguery and try to book for one - can't. If try to book for 2 same date, time - it works.

Just want to know if I should stop wasting my time trying to book ahead (for May 5-11) and just see what I can get at the last minute. I've tried a few others with the same result. Totally understand if they'd rather reserve for 2 than 1, but it's a bit sad for me :(

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  1. Try calling. French restaurants don't use he internet a lot for bookings, it is probably just a software issue with the system.

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      Good points. When I feel that I can' be bothered to call, I fax a list of dates and restaurants/phone numbers to our hotel and ask them to please make the reservations for me. It always gets done properly; they contact me if there is a problem beforehand so that we can make substitutions. There is no charge for this and other small services, but a 20€ to the deskperson who has taken care of us is never refused.