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Twins Stadium Food?

Any chowhound reviews yet???

What are the hits worth waiting for?

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  1. MPR had a nice segment on this, other than the sports talkers on KFAN and CCO. They said to avoid Senior Smokes, Hrbek's is quite good (pulled port with jicama slaw?), and Kramarczuks, however it's spelled. I've heard the cheese curds are a bit disappointing as well.

    I'm going tomorrow and will be limited as a vegetarian, but hope to find something. Eli's before the game.

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      Went to the game on July 1. Had the Polish from Kramarczuks. Best Polish I've had in a long time. Friend had the Cuban sandwich - she and her son both gave it thumbs up. We saw the soft shell tacos- looked good, but no room. Same with the roasted corn (both on the 3rd floor, 1st base side). Sister had the walleye fish and chips - said it was horrible (but she's a chef...) and said no way it was walleye... A couple of friends had the hot dogs served in the seats - no complaints from them. We all loved the great selection of beer. And the beatuiful stadium. Final note - go for the game, beer, peanuts, and scenery, not the food.

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        The walleye, or whatever is it, is horrible. There ought to be a law, really...


    2. I had heard that Thousand Hills beef was supposed to be available somewhere at Target Field. Anyone seen it? I've looked, both on the web and at the park, and have seen no sign... Disappointing, since that appeared to be my only chance at eating meat at a ballgame...

      1. I look forward to some reviews of the food there - they seem to have a great job on Target Field...especially since the U screwed up big time at TCF Bank stadium with absolutely horrible food options.

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          Mayslack's roast beef sandwich at TCF Bank Stadium is actually pretty good, as long as you don't have to wait so long for it that it's cold by the time you get back to your seat. I agree with you that it's nice that the Twins decided not to go the Aramark route that TCF bank stadium did. I hope TCF bank stadium dumps Aramark, or, at least doesn't renew their contract at the end of three years and tries to get some real food in there.


          3033 Campus Dr, Minneapolis, MN 55441

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            Oh - there were no Mayslack's site where I was sitting! And it was the first game too. Am disappointed to see they will now be selling alcohol at TCF, something no other Big Ten school/stadium does.

            Edit: Don't know why this link automatically pops up for the BTR&B and I find it won't stay removed when I try and delete it...

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              At TCF Bank Stadium--I think there's only one Mayslack's offering in the entire building. So, if it's not near you, you'll have to walk it. That's why it's very possible it might be cold when you get back to your seats with it. They have also reached out to some local restaurants, Panino's, St. Paul Bagelry, and Dino's Gyros, which aren't my favorite restaurants, but, again, it's probably better than Aramark crap.

              I heard the beer is only going to be in the suites.


              Dino's Gyros
              1670 Snelling Ave N, Falcon Heights, MN 55108

              3033 Campus Dr, Minneapolis, MN 55441

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                We removed the link to the BTR&B for you.

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                DQ, the Twins didn't go with Aramark, however they did go with Delaware North in a similar deal. Like the airport, the local names are probably licensed to the operating company.


                3033 Campus Dr, Minneapolis, MN 55441

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                  I heard Vincent personally called the Twins and asked to be considered for inclusion in the concession offerings. It's possible that licensor could have a contractual arrangement to maintain some control or influence over how their product is handled at Target Field, you just don't know.


            2. I paid the $12 (ouch!) for the Vincent Burger. To judge it, I'm not sure whether to use restaurant standards or ball park standards. So, I'll use ball park standards.... The burger was quite good. It was crispy on the outside with a fresh bun. The center of the burger had pulled pork and cheese. The cheese disappeared however. The flavor was robust, and I thought the pork kept enough juicyness to make for a nice snack. Also, the burger did not come with anything else- for the price, I would have like a few potato chips as well.

              Also, Mtullius, there are Wild Acres Turkey legs available from the State Fair stand, I believe. I haven't tried them yet, but it is high on my priority list.

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                Actually, the Vincent burger has braised boneless beef shortribs inside of it.

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                  We went to our first game last night. Had a great time! I tried the steak sandwich which was good by ballpark standards, but it seemed like a lot of bun for the amount of meat you got. I think a smaller bun would be much better. Hubby had the nachos grande from Senor Smokes. He said it was good and a lot of food.

                  So my question is - where is the Vincent burger at? We were on the 1st base line and I scoped out that whole locale from the plaza to probably section 115 and didn't see it. The crowds are crazy so it's hard to navigate to far past your seating area if you want to have any hope of watching the game and eating warm food.

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                    Vincent Burgers are just listed as an item in some of the standard looking food stands, not a standalone "kiosk" or whatever.

                    At least that was my passing observation.

                    I'm pretty shocked there isn't some kind of GPS-enabled iPhone and/or Droid App for finding stuff there.

                    On a side note, after about 20 trips through the dishwasher, my souvenir travel mug (mentioned below...hot chocolate) still looks brand new. Now that is a great ballpark value IMO.

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                      Went back for the second time last night. For anyone wondering, the Vincent burgers are in the Hennepin Grilles, not the Mill City Grills. I got one last night and it was good. Worthy of $12? Yeah, probably, if we're going by ballpark standards. Hubby got the polish sausage and a brat from Kramarczuk's. We both agreed that the polish was much better - would totally get that again.

                      I also caved and got a red velvet cupcake from the Espresso/Bakery cart. OMG - who is making these cupcakes? WHO?! I must know. It was so good. Big, super moist, yummy cream cheese frosting. I will be a complete slave to these cupcakes on future visits and I've become a bit of a cupcake connoisseur. Would highly recommend. Hubby got a soft serve cone from the Northland Creamery. Just seemed meh - nothing stellar and honestly it didn't seem all that creamy to me at all.

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                  I didn't try the Wild Acres Turkey legs at the State Fair stand (there is no sign indicating that they're from Wild Acres, but they are.)

                  I did try the Murray's Steak Sandwich. It is pretty good - nothing life changing, but two decent slices of beef on a ciabatta roll with some sauteed onions and cheese. You get a piece of Garlic toast with it.

                  TCL tried the Vegetarian Stir Fry from the Asian Food Cart. It was a bit oily, but good, with a decent amount of spicy. Not something I'd go out of my way to get, but nice change of pace for non-meat eaters. The selection of vegetarian options at Target Field is far and above any of the other local sporting venues.

                  Lines for food are definately long.

                  1. Is Hrbek's place open to the public, at other times than games?

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                      Nope, only before for a bit and then like 45 minute after the games. I asked them, too. Was a bit surprised to hear otherwise.

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                        Thanks for the info. I thought I had heard it was a sit down place.

                    2. I would give the Cuban sandwich a thumbs up (using ball park food standards). It was a nice combination of melted cheese, pork and ham. Not the best Cuban sandwich I have ever had, but tasty.

                      I also tried a Root Beer Float. It was a pretty standard root beer float (Blue Bunny ice cream with the Killebrew root beer), but sitting in the sun it was perfect.

                      One of my friends liked the vegetarian stir fry option, but said the pizza was pretty bad.

                      1. Went today. I did not eat anything, but liked the beer selection.

                        I noticed the Kramarczuk sausages were $6.50, and they looked like the real thing. Considering that's what they go for at the deli, this seems like the best deal in the joint. If you go during the first inning, you'll dodge the line.

                        Turkey leg and other enticing items were $10+. That's ludicrous. I was glad I knocked back the $4 breakfast special at The Local beforehand.

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                          I heard an interview with (one of?) the owners of Kramarczuk's who said they were absolutely going to be the real thing at the stadium, that they weren't interested in skimping on quality just because they had to provide the stadium with A LOT of sausages (they were estimating about 1000/game!). Pretty impressive. And that does sound like a good deal. Every time I've passed the stand the line is really long, I'll have to try to remember to go 1st inning.

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                            Withstood the long wait in line at the Kramarczuk kiosk for a bratwurst with sauerkraut and grilled onions. Yum yum yum.

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                              I tried the Wild Acres Turkey leg... here's a picture that I posted to my Twitter: http://twitpic.com/1v4skn

                              Be prepared to wait a few minutes... the turkey legs are smoked in advance, but given a dip in BBQ sauce and thrown on the grill when you order it. It ends up with a nice crispy bbq skin, and decently smoked turkey underneath.

                              Certainly one of the better things I've had at a ballpark (the Murray's Sandwich is probably better, but this was nice.


                              For those expecting cheap or great food at a stadium, keep looking. But, as far as these things go, it is pretty good.

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                                Not that I can ever finish a turkey leg anyway, but was it small for a $10 turkey leg? I am just trying to gauge by the bumps on the skin. And was the sauce very sweet?

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                                  It was an average sized turkey leg. There are HUGE turkey legs out there, these are not those. These are the size of a turkey leg you typically see in your local megamart.

                                  The sauce isn't that present. It is Michelbob's BBQ sauce (you can get it at Byerly's) and there isn't a lot of it. Also, I noticed that they sell the turkey legs on the 200 level - but those go from a steam warmer to you - at the State Fair stand in straightaway center field, they spend some time on the grill just before they are handed to you. I'd guess that makes a significant difference in the quality.

                                  Also, the ribs at the State Fair stand in center field are really good, and the fries are EXCELLENT. They have a little seasoning, and pick up a little bit of the BBQ sauce from the ribs. (You also get a little container of sauce.) They weren't the meatiest of ribs, but they were very good, cooked well. Don't expect Big Daddy's, but I assure you that if you get them you will be pleasantly surprised.

                                  So, as of today, the State Fair stand is my favorite in the stadium.

                                  I can't wait until next season, when the menus will no doubt be trimmed to only the most successful items, and quality will be driven down to maximize profits on the remaining items. We've all seen it before (State Fair Bacon on a Stick Stand, I'm looking DIRECTLY at you.).

                                  1601 County Road C W, Saint Paul, MN 55113

                            2. The only stadium food I got was a soft pretzel. I ate at Eli's beforehand (loved it). Nothing really jumps out at you in the stadium. Anyone making a big deal out of anything is just a victim of captive audience syndrome. Might be better than usual stadium fare, but just eat somewhere else before you go.

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                                semanticantics, I agree eat some place first, but it looks like many people are going just to look at the new field, try the food, see the sun, every thing but baseball, most if not all food is over priced, again eat first.

                                1. re: cookkevin

                                  Kevin, I see your point, but I think, once the newness wears off, it will boil down to just the real die-hard ball fans. Target Field currently only has about half the capacity for baseball that the Dome had, so, there isn't going to be as much opportunity as in the past to drop in on a game whenever you feel like.

                                  And while I get your point about "eat first" some of those weekday games can be hard to get to, especially if you're scrambling to get to the game from work somewhere outside of downtown Minneapolis. Sometimes, you barely make it to the game on time as it is, let alone leave time to stop and eat.

                                  So, in the event that you end up having to eat the food at the ballpark, it's good to know what the options are. The options at the Metrodome were not so great, but that wasn't the Twins' fault--they pretty much were required to go with the Dome's concessions. I'm glad to have more options for real food at Target field compared to the past and also that the Twins have been reaching out to local restaurants to give them a chance to get in on the gig.

                                  I don't think the values are looking that bad, at least on the surface. The Vincent Burger at Target Field appears to be less expensive than the $13.50 they charge you at Vincent. http://www.vincentarestaurant.com/men... Apparently, the Kramarczuk's sausages are the same price at Target Field as they are at their Northeast Minneapolis location. The Loon chili appears to be priced in the same $5-$8 price range they charge at the Loon Cafe. http://www.thelooncafe.com/pictures/l... Murray's steak sandwich is slightly cheaper at Target Field than at the restaurant, but it doesn't come with fries or bacon, either, so, it should be cheaper. http://www.murraysrestaurant.com/menu... Of course, this all assumes that the serving sizes are the same and they don't skimp on ingredients.

                                  I don't see why, in principle, chili or sausages can't be as good at the ballpark as they are in original locations. (Murray's Steak Sandwich and Vincent Burger are another story...I could really see that those could be logistically challenging...).

                                  Finally "seeing the sun" (and the grass!), as well as having a dog and peanuts and crackerjacks, is, in my opinion, actually part of baseball. Even the song says so. :).

                                  I think this is all good news for Chowhounds who also happen to be baseball fans. No, it's not the same as having dinner at your fav restaurant, 112 Eatery or Saffron or something, but it sounds we've now got some decent options at Target Field, whereas the pickins' were slim at the Metrodome. I remember, pathetically, having to recommend Famous Dave's pulled pork sandwich at the Dome. Sadly, it wasn't even "as good" as it was in one of the Famous Dave's locations (I think they messed with the pork to sauce ratio at the Dome). Now there are a lot of options that come up as Chowhound recommendations in other situations. I've seen the Vincent Burger, Loon Chili, and Kramarczuk's sausages all recommended in other (non-ballpark) threads within the last couple of months. Assuming the quality and value isn't significantly compromised, I think this is great news for ball fans.

                                  Speaking of the pulled pork sandwich, a friend who was at Target Field this past weekend told me the Target field version was better than Famous Dave's Dome Version--better meat to sauce ratio, toothsome chunks of pork, rather than just pork slivers in a pool of BBQ sauce. Very short wait, too.

                                  I can't wait to get out there myself! (I'm not enough of a fan to buy my own season tickets, so, I wait around vulture-like until one of my season-ticket-holder/die-hard-Twins-fans friends have a conflict with a scheduled game and swoop in on those games. I always get into 3-4 games a year that way, which turns out to be enough baseball for me).


                                  112 Eatery
                                  112 N 3rd St, Minneapolis, MN 55401

                                  900 S 5th St, Minneapolis, MN 55415

                                  1. re: The Dairy Queen

                                    i lament the demise of the DOME DOG that at one time was big enough to be a candidate for a porno prop tho in 2009, it shriveled up to a much smaller size.

                              2. I've been to the new stadium twice now. The first time I had a brat from Kramarczuk's, and it was great. I loved having the grilled onions and sauerkraut.

                                Last night I had the $12 Vincent burger. As described by others already, it's a very good burger by ballpark standards. I'll probably stick to $6 hotdogs in the future but that's because I'm cheap.

                                I also had the chicken fingers and fries. The chicken fingers was typical bar food quality, while the fries were good and salty.

                                The cheese curds looked good when I went to the first game. The lady in front of me claimed that they were State Fair worthy. My curds last night looked different, tasted like they had been made prior to the game, and were not that impressive. They also didn't come with a dipping sauce, so ketchup is one of your few options.

                                So far I'm happy with the food options.

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                                  I'll disagree with the cheese curds. The coating is in the style of Culver's -- the hard coating with the sort of cornmealy texture, not at all like the State Fair's batter. I thought they were a sad attempt.

                                  I haven't tried everything obviously, but the only thing that has impressed me at all has been the Cuban sandwich. Good flavors and a fair price.

                                  I'll keep snooping, but I've been unimpressed with the food at Target Field. So much so that yesterday, I stopped at the Wienery on the way in so I wouldn't have to eat there. $6.75 for a Picnic Dog (baked beans, cheese and cole slaw), a Manhattan (chili, cheese) and a big bunch of outstanding fries. That'll probably be my M.O. from now on.

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                                  1. re: MSPD

                                    I was back yesterday. The Kramarczuk's Polish Sausage was very good, although the bun sucked. Nothing ruins a great burger, hot dog or sausage like a grocery store-grade bun that was baked and bagged 1+ days prior. Anyway, I'd buy it again.

                                    My mother-in-law also had the beef sandwich from the place by Gate 6/Section 126ish where they carve from a giant beef leg thing. The beef was very flavorful...again, the bun was ho hum. There wasn't any au jus or bbq sauce, but that may have just been my mother-in-law's choice. I just had a couple bites of it.

                                    A couple weeks back on a chilly/overcast day, the vendors were selling hot chocolate in pretty cool reusable travel mugs with the inaugural season logo. They'll probably wear out after a few washings, but for $5 (give or take) it seemed like a good deal. I'm actually just going to box one up and throw it in my box of sports memorabilia....it'll be neat 30 years from now when they're tearing down Target Field to build the Twins a new $5 billion stadium that floats in the sky over the present-day park.

                                    Oh, the hot chocolate wasn't very good.

                                2. The Dinger Dog was nothing to write home about. My daughter got the nachos from Senor Smokes and it was very nice - lots of fresh pico and veggies. She was hoping it would be just chips and cheese. I was very impressed with the fresh presentation. Pretzel was warm and huge and came with a cup o' cheese. Beautiful ballpark!

                                  1. I had the Murray's steak sandwhich for a little over 10 bucks. Best meal I have had at any Minnesota sporting event ever in my life.

                                    1. jfood was able to watch the Twinkies beat the Tigers last night and had a bit of a smorgasbord as he watched and was very impressed with baseball food. He waited a little for the steak sandwich and since his wait was longer than usual the nice people gave him some fries to nibble on while he waited. The steak was very good but he would have enjoyed a few more fried onions, the brat was very good (reminded jfood of opening day in chicago in 1979 at 35 degrees) and he thought the dog was waaaay better than the ball park stuff he thought he would receive. overall, the park had pretty good ballpark food.

                                        1. Reporting back...went to the Twins game last night and got the Murray's Steak Sandwich. Loved it! Had nice spices on the beef, and cooked perfectly. Also, no long wait whatsoever! My husband bought one at the counter near Section 221 about 20 minutes prior to the game, and he had his sandwich in 2 minutes after he ordered it. I got mine about 5 minutes before the game at the same place, and it was ready right when I ordered it.

                                          Later in the game, my husband got a sausage from Kramarkzuks, no waiting then either. I wonder if the long waits were when the stadium first opened, and if they are doing better now that they know how to gauge demand?

                                          Anyways, thanks all for the recommendations!!

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                                            They are doing better, I think, in anticipating demand. Also, I've noticed on the Murray's Steak sandwich that they are prepping stuff in advance whereas at first they seemed to be preparing them completely to order. There is still a line at Kramarkzuk's before and early in the game. It helps, on all of the "premium" food items in fact, to go after the second inning or so.

                                            I'm glad you liked what you had. I think it's pretty good food for a ballpark. I was just recently at At&T Park in San Francisco, which got a lot of press early on for their great food, and I have to say, the hot dog I had there might have have been the worst hot dog with the soggiest, most smashed, wimpy bun I've ever had in my life. Certainly worse than any dog they serve up at Target Field or even at the Metrodome. True, their garlic fries (at AT&T Park)were good, but, nevertheless, I think Target Field is holding its own on the food front. I just wish some of the items were in more locations around the ballpark. For instance, there does not to be a Vincent burger anywhere in sight near where I've been seated... Unless I'm getting to the game far in advance of opening pitch, I'm not going to wander the park looking for a Vincent burger.

                                            Also, I wish they had some good local ice cream. Maybe they can get the strolling vendors to sell Izzy pops or Izzy's ice cream sandwiches.


                                            900 S 5th St, Minneapolis, MN 55415

                                            1. re: The Dairy Queen

                                              I have seen at least one Gelato stand

                                              1. re: MarkG

                                                jfood saw on at gate 29 the other night

                                              2. re: The Dairy Queen

                                                they give out so many maps and seating diagrams, how about one showing the locations of the various concessions

                                                1. re: MarkG

                                                  It's not that I'm unable to find the various specialty food stands, I've seen the maps and I've actually tried most of the food items, it's just that I'm not willing to fight my way through the crowds to the other side of the ballpark, and back, just to get a burger (or whatever), even a Vincent burger. Before the game, the crowds are very thick and by the time I got back to my seat with my food, it would be cold. And, during the game I don't want to make the long journey because I don't want to miss the game. That's why I wish they had more locations of the various food stands.

                                                  The point of food at ballgames is so that you can enjoy both the food and the game, not one at the expense of the other.


                                                  1. re: MarkG

                                                    Hard to diagram the carts - they get moved around quite a bit, although they seem to have settled into permanent locations. (They moved most of them away from the Target Plaza area - the area couldn't handle the number of people who enter through the plaza, intermingling with people getting food on both sides of the concourses. So now, the carts are in areas that get less ingress/egress traffic (and bunched a lot more closely together... Most seem to be along the 3rd base line.)