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French Macarons in Miami area?

Does anyone know where I could get French macarons in the Miami area? Preferably a bulk order of 50 or more. I need these for a bridal shower. I couldn't find anything on the boards.

Thanks a bunch!

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  1. Perricone's sells them in bulk. Break out your checkbook though...

    Perricone's Marketplace & Cafe
    15 SE 10th St, Miami, FL 33131

    1. Paul cafe on Lincoln Road also sells them, but again, have the checkbook ready.

      1. Boudior in Coral Gables and Brickell sells them. I think both they and Paul sell large and small sizes.

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          The ones at Paul are not so good. Try chocolate Fashion. Ive never gotten them there but they have a good bakery

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            I actually went to Boudoir in the Gables this morning for breakfast and saw them in the case. Ordered 2, and while they were delicious, two for $3.90 was quite steep for a 2 bite cookie. I might have to re-assess the favor situation.

          2. Joanna's Market Place

            8247 South Dixie Highway
            Miami, FL 33143-7717
            (305) 661-5777

            Joanna's Market Place
            8247 S Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL 33143

            1. I know this is far too late for you, but Atelier Monnier (aka L'Atelier Gourmet) has macarons (the mini kind, 1" in diameter) and they are very good. Our purchase price was 3 / $5, but I'm guessing you can negotiate a much better rate for bulk orders.

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              1. Just had the BEST macaroon's ive had outside of France at MAD MAC in bal harbour (upstairs next to sagafredo). SOOOO delicious

                1. hi there...i know it's probably way too late for my posting, but anyway here it is.... if you are still looking for the Macarons.... i know how to make them, for half of the price they charge in the big pastry shops....(i had a french friend of mine try them and he gave me the big OK) i'm in cake decorating....i'm not going to lie...i'm new at this (about a year doing it)...but i have come a long way....check out some of my work in my website: www.eirascakery.com...
                  good luck

                  1. Go to Atelier Monnier....9563 S Dikie Highway
                    The best macarons

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                      I second that emotion. Also at a number of farmer's markets.