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Apr 15, 2010 12:59 PM

Graduation lunch in Philadelphia for 15 people

Hi all -- I'd appreciate any advice you have to offer on my situation. I am graduating from Penn on Monday May 17, and there is a university-wide ceremony at 9 am and then a department-specific graduation ceremony at 3 pm. In between those two ceremonies, I need to schedule a nice, lengthy lunch for my family visiting from out of town. My only idea was the Water Works, but apparently they aren't open for lunch on Mondays. What else in Center City might be in that vein? Thanks so much for your help.

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  1. Congratulations! Its going to be crowded, by reservation, on that day, so quiet as well as excellent out to be your priorities. I'd suggest La Croix on Rittenhouse Square, possibly The Fountain if you could get part of a private room, Chima might be an off beat fun choice, but only if you could get a rez in part of a smaller room. Branzino might be another choice, but I don't know if they have a smaller room for your large group. Estia only if they have smaller private rooms.


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      Just remembered another downtown possibility: Barclay Prime, but inquire about the location of the table, re quiet factor.

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        I don't believe that Barclay Prime is open for lunch.

        I would also recommend Lacroix. I had a lovely rehearsal lunch there a couple of years ago. They put us in a room off of the main dining room that felt very private. They offer a series of fixed menus at different price points, and I think our guests had two choices for each of three courses.

        I had my Penn graduation dinner at White Dog, in the private room with the large oval table. Guests were able to order off of the regular menu. I know that management has changed there in the last couple of years, but the lunch I had there a few months ago was delightful.

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          Estia has a small banquet rooms available for 25 and up but they may be able to do something for a smaller party that day since it's on a Monday.

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            Thanks so much, everyone! I have some great leads now.