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Apr 15, 2010 12:43 PM

Traditional Tokyo-style kaiseki? Is there such a thing?


I will soon be traveling to Tokyo and Kyoto.
We will have some traditional Kyoto-style Kaiseki in while in Kyoto.
And in Tokyo, for modern-style kaiseki, we have a reservation at Ryugin.

Can you suggest a restaurant in Tokyo that is wonderful, more traditional than Ryugin, but not Kyoto style? Something perhaps more of a Tokyo style, or at least representative of a different part of Japan?

The restaurant does not need to be strictly Kaiseki, but I do love a long meal with surprises. :-)

thank you!


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  1. Oshima in Nishi-Shinjuku ( ) and Ginza ( ) has great Kaga-ryori kaiseki from the Kanazawa area.

    Gomangoku in Sendagaya ( ) does a nice Tohoku-style kaiseki menu.

    And Nagamine in Ginza ( ) prepares an interesting vegetable-centered kaiseki.

    Note that none of the above are as elaborate or expensive as Ryugin or the fancier places in Kyoto, but they should have some interesting dishes.