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where to buy organic hot dogs - Vancouver

Hi - is that a trick question?!
No - but since we don't have Trader Joe's convenient to us in Vanc (i know it's in bellingham) - does anyone have recommendations about which brand of "healthy" hot dogs (weiners) to buy in BC (Greater Vancouver). These are for a kid party - have to be politically correct - the kids probably don't notice but the super involved parents do, you know what i mean.
ps - if you have "hot dog stand" recommendations, that's great, love to hear them - but what i am looking for are supermarket hot dogs - ie cook them at home.
Thank you.

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  1. Not organic, but the European wieners from Freybe are good. Their products are much better in quality than the usual supermarket brands.

    Have a look at Famous Foods or Drive Organics for organic dogs.

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      The Euro Wieners from Continental are much better than the Freybe ones. I sell almost three times as many Continental to Freybe! Try them out, they're delicious!

    2. The hot dog stand at the foot of Davie on Marinaside Crescent sells organic dogs . That is the first and only place I have seen selling organic hot dogs. I would definitley check out Whole Foods or ask the stand I just mentioned where they buy theirs from. If you can't find organic ones at Whole Foods, you could do kosher dogs (sell these at Choices) and veggie ones-I love Yves veggie dogs...

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        ...just wanted to mention I no longer "love" yves veggie dogs as I was told they contain hexane so have switched to the tofurky brand of franks which don't use hexane to process their soy....

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          Those are gross, by the way (the dude at marinaside)...they are fat free or something and are ghastly. The Epi's/Omnitsky brand at Choices are also not great.

        2. We've got organic hotdogs recently at West Lynn Meats butcher shop in Lynn Valey Shopping Centre. I've seen the organic hot dog stand in Vancouver downtown too but haven't tried it yet.

          Your post comes up when I search for organic hotdogs in Vancopuver so I just wanted to put the link in. Hope it helps someone find the product they want: http://westlynnmeatsandseafood.com/

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            Pretty good organic hot dogs at Whole Foods; better than most I've had in Vancouver by a mile. I saw they just came out with smokie sized ones as well -- probably just as good.

          2. I just noticed that the Trout Lake Farmers' Market has a beef vendor selling organic dogs. My SIL bought some and hasn't tried them yet so no quality report...

            1. You can get organic weiners at Famous Foods on Kingsway. They might be turkey weiners, but they are good, kids like them, super-involved vancouver parents will approve and they are reasonably priced. I think they have organic ketchup too. Prices way better than whole foods and they are local.

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                We get 90% of our weekly meats (not seafood) from Famous Foods. Organic or med-free chicken, ground beef or bison, ground pork etc.

                And the Freybe Euro weiners have been on sale there for a couple of months now. I think it's $7 or so a package, reguarly closer to $10-11.

              2. Big Lou's http://www.biglousbutchershop.com/ has weiners made from Pemberton Meadows natural beef with a natural casing. Have a look at http://www.pembertonmeadowsbeef.com/w... to see if that is OK with the parents.

                1. i hope it's OK to continue an older thread (it's short info, some may still be current, not to mention, it is the BBQ season)

                  so for those of us who do not often trek to TJ's in B-Ham -- i found these "organic" chicken wieners at a Super Valu and have since googled and wondered if anyone else had tried the products (or in fact, visited this store and restaurant out in Maple Ridge ... http://organic-world.ca/index.php?opt...

                  the product is labelled as 90 percent organic CHICKEN hot dogs and come in a pkg of 16 for about 9-something dollars. these are big hotdogs, like a "ball park" (not the kid's bday party smaller size) ...

                  i am not sure what the apparently 10-Percent not-organic content is -- but, it's wieners - do we need that info? ;


                  there are many other organic butcher products listed on this website ... from beef, chicken to ostrich and other exotic meats.

                  and a lot of Bob's Red Mill (the grain and some gluten-free products from greater Portland OR, Milwaukee OR on the bypass hiway between Selwood and Clackamas (roughly speaking)

                  ps - i don't see any "certified" symbol on this pkg but maybe i missed that somewhere -- and really, is there one governing body over "organic" food labelling in canada? (diff thread!)

                  thx and enjoy (even if it's the one wiener per season)

                  ps ... the restaurant bills itself as the "only full-service organic restaurant in BC"

                  well, darn, had i known -- the last time i was out in that direction, we lined up at (ugh ... i always regret it but it was fun at the time!) a tim hortons -- and then a costco in coq.


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                    Organic World Chicken Wiener ingredients:
                    "Organic chicken meat ground, water, rice flour, sea salt, spices, seasoning, Concentrated Celery Extract, Lemon Juice, Cane Sugar, natural smoke"

                    If I remember right, most/all of their product is certified by Oregon Tilth. I could be wrong about that, but that's the certifying body that comes to mind when I think back to a year or more when I was going through their information.