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Apr 15, 2010 11:21 AM

Masses of sorrel

So on a whim last summer I planted sorrel in my garden. Now I have a HUGE amount and no idea what to do with it. Salad? Frittata? Help!

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  1. I adore sorrel frittata. There's something about the slightly sourish/lemonish flavor that really works well with eggs. I also like sorrel soup. A lady at the greenmarket told me that there's an old Polish soup called Shav made of potatoes and sorrel. There are a lot of different recipes out there for it. I made some and it was really good.

    You might also do a search of Home Cooking because I think there was a thread on this last summer. And I think a lot of people chimed in, including a mini discussion of Shav (Schav) soup.

    Enjoy the sorrel!

    1. It's delicious used raw, as an herb, anyplace you want a fresh sour tang. I also abso-freaking-lutely adore sorrel in scrambled eggs. Stir in a bit toward the end with a little cream cheese and smoked salmon and go find your running shorts, because you're about to overeat.

      And do not fret if you cook it fully and it turns a dull gray. That's how it do. The only solution I've come across is cooking it with a bunch of an herb like parsley that will "bring up" the green color. But that only works, of course, if you want to marry the flavors of sorrel and parsley.

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      1. In France, we had rabbit breast stuffed with sorrel. Could be replicated using chicken breasts too.

        1. It makes a great sauce for salmon. Saute some chopped onion or shallot, add a bit of minced garlic, then add a whole ton of sorrel (it shrinks like spinach) and saute till it breaks down. It will turn a sort of muddy color as e_i_p says but you won't care once you taste it with your salmon -- that is one of the great pleasures of spring for me!

          1. It makes a lovely cream soup, good hot or cold. Suggest you Google its name in French "oseille" for lots of recipes (in English as well as French) since it's used more in French cooking than it is in in other cuisines.

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              Oh! What a great lead! Thanks. I first had a sorrel soup in England. I have a huge patch of sorrel which is getting eaten by my cucumbers ;-( Going to harvest second and google *oseille* first!

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                It is a yummy soup - have some for me!