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Apr 15, 2010 09:53 AM

Just Relocated to Poza Rica, Veracruz--suggestions?

Hello all,
I just relocated to Poza Rica, Veracruz and would love suggestions for places to eat out and shop in Poza Rica, Papantla and hour-drive radius around...

Also, if anyone knows of a health-food store in DF, pass that along, too! Thanks!!

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  1. Hello Rebecca
    One of my favorite places near Poza Rica is a little beach town about 45 minutes
    south by the name of Tecolutla. One of my favorite restaurants in the town is a place
    known a the "Cameron Desvelado". My favorite dish currently is "felete de pescado
    rellano de mariscos" Oui la la. It is a filet of fish stuffed with all types of seafood and
    comes in two finishes. One has thyme and butter and the other features a chilli and
    garlic sauce.
    Another very good restaurant in town is the "Manglares" which is on the main drag
    and can be found by the Canadian flag in front. The owner David is Canadian..
    If you need a place to stay in town go to the light house, take a right and a left and a
    right and a left in the second drive way which is the home and posada of Andy and Seri
    Fisher who will treat you right.
    If you like tacos check out "tacos bigotes" on the south side of the square. I love
    his "tacos al pastor". Friday and Saturday nights.
    Good luck and I hope you enjoy these spots as much as we do.
    Pablito el gordito

    1. Just thought of another great spot. On the way to Tecolutla you go through Guterez
      Zamora. Two blocks into Zamora you come to the bus station, turn right, right after the
      bus station and park. go to the first corner and find "El pirata felize" which is catty corner
      on the left. It is great.

      1. Just remembered another great spot in Pozo Rica. Go north across bridge and turn right.
        go about a mile more or less. You are looking for a red brick building which features pollo
        rostizada. They do chickens rotissery "como la Madridoca". This place has been around
        a long time, I bet Mike Benedum and Joe Trees ate there.
        Pablito el gordito

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          Thanks so much for your recommends, Paul! I am having a great time exploring so far--we haven't yet made it to the coast, but will make Tecolutla a first stop!