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Apr 15, 2010 09:53 AM

Smokey Joe's BBQ Ribs

Being in Chicago, there is a lack of really good kosher BBQ ribs. I saw the website for Smokey Joe's in NJ. The menu looks fantastic, but how's the food? Is it worth the expense to have it sent to Chicago?

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  1. It's good, but I can't imagine how much it would cost to ship it, I don't even think he does ship.

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    1. re: vallevin

      I enjoyed my several trips to Smokey Joe's. The plain fact is that I can make better beef ribs using an oven and grill, with a dry rub based on Emeril's southwest seasoning and Mikee's kosher barbecue sauce. Just put the ribs, with dry rub on, over a pan of water at a 275-300 oven for a couple of hours. Brush them with the BBQ sauce, and grill them just to caramelize the sauce. Try it. Fantastic results.

      1. re: rruben1

        similar to what I do on the grill with indirect heat (200-250) for 4 to 5 hours before brushing on the BBQ sauce and grilling on high

        1. re: berel

          Thank you both for what sounds like a delicious recipe. I want to confirm that when you say "over a pan of water" you mean to put them over, not in the water which is in the oven. Correct? What is the best method to keep them out of the water?

          1. re: chicago maven

            I put them on a rack, suspended over the water. Make sure the pan stays filled. And 250-275 works fine for the indirect, oven heat. I think 4-5 hours is a very long time. The shorter time works for the ribs I use, which are long bones cut from the prime rib side.

            1. re: chicago maven

              or have a loving wife who buys you an offset smoker for your birthday and smoke low and slow - and since you are in Chicago getting different woods from the Backyard Barbecue store in Wilmette foe different adventures in cmoking - this can also be done with a weber grill following berel's recommendation for indirect heat - and my favorite spot to get the beef ribs is romanian'ss but both hungarians and the jewel on Evanston will do -

              1. re: weinstein5

                I use the indirect method on the BBQ, but no water pan. I have a weber with three burners. The first burner is on low with the back two off, and the ribs go at the back for the first 4 hours or so. Usually long ribs, 4 or 5 attached, but also works with smaller ribs. Then as rrubin1, BBQ sauce and grill to carmelize. Meat falls off the bones. I also add a pouch of soaked wood chips to the front burner to add the smokeyness.

                1. re: njkosher

                  exactly what I do on the BBQ.

                  I used the costco glatt flanken as small ribs a couple of months back. came out great.

                  1. re: njkosher

                    Thank you all for your great suggestions. Who needs Smokey Joe's!

        2. Joe's is very good, but I can't imagine it is worth the expense of shipping it.

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          1. re: mrogovin

            May I amend this? Smokey Joe's is excellent; I always enjoy my meals there. If you are able, by all means have them ship their ribs or any of their outstanding food to you. I understand that they ship all over the country and have satisfied customers in several states. I was commenting only for myself and my own [very limited] budget for gourmet food (and since I am fortunate to live nearby).

            1. re: mrogovin

              Thanks for the update. With the several recipe suggestions I should be OK in my own kitchen and there is a new caterer/pick up store opening in Skokie (Chicago Tail Gators) that claims to have the best ribs. Time will tell.

              1. re: chicago maven

                Looks like we are getting a koshe place that will be doing ribs, takeout at least. they are opening soon where michael c's was near kens

          2. Everyone raves about Smokey Joe's, but I just wasn't impressed when I went. It was really empty, awkwardly quiet, and the food was "eh". I got the chili that they seem really proud of, but it just lacked some sort of depth of flavor I was really looking for.

            However, everyone else I know absolutely enjoys it every single time, so perhaps I just went on an off day!!

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            1. re: leahsarah

              >>>Depends on what you get<<<<. I've only done take out from them, and selected very carefully off the menu, the BBQ brisket and the ribs were great.