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Best lunch specials?

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Any cuisine

Any price range

Casual or Formal

Everything goes - just one requirement - the place must have a deal for lunch !

Or, it could be a restaurant that is known for their lunch more than supper I suppose.

List your favourites only - I am aware that a lot of places have a lunch deal - but I want the best!


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  1. La Chronique @ 25-ish$ ?


    1. The best deal I've found is at Milos. I don't recall the price but its at most a third the price of that same meal at dinner.

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        Milos is indeed a great deal! The price is 20,10 $ and a penny is added to that price every new year.

      2. Mon Shing on de la Gauchetiere in Chinatown has great lunch specials ranging from 5-8 dollars for a main dish, soup and spring roll. A lot of the other restos in the area have similar deals as far as I know

        Mon Shing
        90 Rue De La Gauchetiere W, Montreal, QC H2Z1C1, CA

        1. Thanks for the recs so far....

          Have to admit, thought there'd be more though

          1. Had a great lunch at Justine Bistro à Vin this week, always $11.95 for a lovely table d'hote.

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              I just looked this up and this just sounds too good to be true...will you tell us more?

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                No, no, it's not too good to be true. It's just that it is impossible to resist getting $30+ worth of wine to go with your excellent French meal, so we usually do that. The menu on Thursday was a cream of turnip soup, a haché parmentier made with blood sausage that everyone declared the best blood sausage they've had, and a cream puff for dessert. I didn't have the special but had tian of eggplant and goat cheese which was very nice, and a nicois salad with a tataki of blue marlin that was very well prepared. That wasn't much more than the $11.95 special either, frankly.

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                Agreed....good value, servive, nice option of wine by glass.....overall a very +ve experience

              3. Mazurka has a lunch special that i believe is $8.75 (though it could be more now since its been a year since i glanced at it last). It's basically one of several traditional polish dishes and it comes with a soup, small salad and coffee or tea.

                1. The Mazurka lunch is super cheap....and super potatoe-y and cheesy

                  A friend and his picky father said great things about the lunch special at this place on St Laurent right below Prince Arthur, Papas tapas...corny name, and decor wise it looks really overdone (and somewhat tacky in my opinion) like most of those restaurants around that area, but I've been scolded for judging this book by it's cover. I'll report back if I ever figure out how much lunch is

                  If you're looking to grab a nice little meal in a cafe setting, Cafeo on st dennis near rachel serves daily lunch specials that are great value...I got a cubano sandwich with chicken spiced quite nice, with good fries and a salad and coffee all for a little over 10$, it was so much food that I had to take half the sandwich and salad with me

                  La Passe Compose on Roy and Mentana: this is my favorite brunch/lunch place. http://www.passecomposerestaurant.com/

                  The lunch prices look more expensive online: if you go for brunch on the weekend, specials include things like the filet de boeuf tartine with carmelized onions, spinach, and wasabi sauce for around $12 (what I had last time...delicious!


                  4177 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2W2M7, CA

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                    Zhuuls, thanks for the suggestions... will definitely try La Passe Compose, and the others in time as well.

                  2. I still like Pinxtos on Roy and Laval for their lunch deals. I think they are only open on Thursdays and Fridays though for lunch.

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                      For more upscale places, here is an old thread which also references a Gazette compilation of best lunch deals


                    2. I recently had lunch at the Beaver Hall and was really impressed. Not a deal but not too expensive either. Their menu is available online. I'll definitely go back, and I'm looking forward to try Andiamo next door...
                      Also, among my favourite places for lunch is Olive+Gourmando: they make the best sandwiches and pretty much have different soups everyday! Also, they have amazing baked goodies (try their brownies or their chocolate brioche!)

                      Beaver Hall
                      1073, Cote du Beaver Hall, Montreal, QC H2Z 1S5, CA

                      1. just went to eat at Papas Tapas Martinis today at the corner of prince arthur and st laurent for their $9.99 lunch special. came with dark greens in balsamic vinegar, a roll (with great olive oil too!), egg drop soup, a choice of mains (today it was sauteed tuna in tomatoes or a steak) and dessert, a scoop of vanilla ice cream in an espresso.
                        ignoring the quantity of what you get, the quality was superb. the soup was a bit underflavoured, but everything else was great. my companion had the steak and i had the tuna so i got a chance to try both. steak was perfectly cooked, slightly charred with a sprinkling of olive oil carmelized vegetables. the espresso was very well made as well.
                        portions were perfect, not too much and not too little.
                        the atmosphere was nice and relaxed, no snobbishness, quick and efficient service, didn't feel rushed at all despite that.
                        a gourmet lunch that easily would go for at least $20 at other restaurants, definitely will go back!
                        o and did i mention they have a 5-7 happy hour during the week with a free martini for every tapas you order?

                        1. If you live on the West Island, Spicy Island in Roxboro on Gouin has a $4.99 lunch special that varies day to day and is quite good. Typical tasty Jamaican fare like dirty rice, jerk chicken etc. You just can't go wrong at the price, and the portions are decent.


                          1. As mentioned in the "Cheap in NDG" thread, Chalet BBQ has a good lunch special. Its been awhile, but a 1/4chicken, fries, bun, gravy, a drink, and choice of slaw or tomato juice runs $8-$9.
                            Chinatown has plenty of restaurants offering lunch specials. Jade has inexpensive lunch buffet (although its a love or hate thing), Beijing has a number of plates with a lunch item served with rice. I'm sure snooping around, you'll find plenty others.
                            Another love-hate place is Wilensky's Light Lunch. Not necessarily a "lunch special" but the Wilensky Special for lunch is cheap.

                            Wilensky's Light Lunch
                            34 Av Fairmount W, Montreal, QC H2T2M1, CA

                            1. Try Vietnamese Huai Huong (Victoria & St Kevin)...........$6.75 special

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                                I'm bumping this thread because today is my day off and I'm craving a good lunch spot -- preferably terrace !

                                any quick suggestions??!

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                                  Two decent choices are le georgia on decarie for russian, and Hwang Kum in NDG for korean BBQ. Both have lunch specials that are worth checking out. Imadake is another decent option.

                              2. bumping this thread. Any new suggestions?

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                                  Multi-course lunches: Milos is still a great deal, but there are a lot more business lunch specials now than there were in 2010-11. Quartier General is probably the best value (BYOW), but also look into (depending on the day) Lawrence, Comptoir Charcuterie et Vin, EVOO, 400 Coups, Toque, Europea (not really cheap, just cheaper), Manitoba, and Serpent.

                                  I'll let someone else recommend cheaper options..

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                                    This thread is pretty out-of-date and includes more than one restaurant that has since closed. Perhaps it would be a better idea to start a new one.

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                                      Either start a new one or update the longstanding one. I do want to point out that other than Mazurka whose closure is confirmed - and a kick in the teeth for me, although I hadn't been there for years - it was a huge aspect of my young adult life, the "Once Upon a Time, there was a Tavern"- that Justine Bar à Vin is closed, as far as I know.