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Summer Beers Are Here!

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Hounds, the summer beers are coming out in the storees by me and I need some new ones - what do you recommend?
I just picked up a case of harpoon summer beer (it was accidental to get the whole case, I meant to get the mixed case that included the summer beer but unsure what happened between my mind registering it and reaching for the case), regardless, I like it, it's very light and can drink a lot of them or even through a whole day but am looking for something with a touch more flavor and mouth-feel.
I love the Sam Adams Summer Ale and Linenkuegels summer offering but what else you guys got?
In PA where I am during the week I have to buy by the case but when I go to NJ usually every other weekend until beach time comes I can get six-packs so it's fairly open range.

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  1. New Glarus Dancing Man Wheat. Best American brewed wheat beer on the market. Suppose that's no help since they don't distribute out of state. But man alive! - and I don't usually care for wheat beers.

    Check out some saisons, there's some good summer drinking.

    1. You are living in a state that makes some of the best hot weather beers in the country. Victory, Sly Fox, Tröegs and Stoudts all make great pilsners for starters.

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        I couldn't agree more. Added bonus - SlyFox comes in cans. Nothing says "summer" quite like a cooler full of beer.

        I picked up a six-pack of Stoudt's new Kolsch this morning. 5 o'clock just can't come fast enough. . . .

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          Oh yes, I completely agree - lots of great breweries around here! Just wondering what some faves were so I could seek them out in particular....I love both Sly Fox and Troegs but haven't had too much from Stoudt's.

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            The Kolsch was crisp with a floral hint, a bit of sweetness in the foretatse and little to no aftertaste. A wonderful, flavorful summer beer indeed.

            pie - If you're anywhere near Adamstown, I suggest a trip to the beer garden at the Stoudt's brewery (or the restaurant next door) to sample the goodness. If not, the Scarlet Lady and the American Pale Ale are probably the most widely distributed of their beers. The Pils, to which Insidious Rex refers, is terrific, as well.

        2. Weyerbacher Blanche is one of my favorite summer beers from another great PA brewery

          1. Bell's Oberon is summer for me!

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              Scarlet Lady is one of my 'go to' beers. I love that stuff!

            2. Picked up a couple of the new Firestone Walker summer beer last night, Solace. A nice beer for a warm sunny afternoon.

              1. I've heard reports of Sierra Nevada Summerfest hitting shelves last week.

                Time to stock up on Glissade to ride out the rest of the spring.

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                  Summerfest is available in northern VA, as is Troegs Sunshine Pils. And since we're talking about Pils, Tuppers' Pils just came back after a lengthy hiatus.

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                    SN's Kellerweis is a mighty fine brew too.

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                      don't get too upset all but something about sierra nevada i do not enjoy, i have given several different varieties many tries, i just don't seem to like it. but if i see it out on tap and it's on special, i always try it cause i feel i should like it!

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                        You don't have to try to like it. You don't prefer it, and there's nothing wrong with that.

                    2. When I'm visiting friends in the Midwest, I love drinking Boulevard Wheat. Closer to home here in upstate NY, I enjoy Southern Tier's 422 Wheat and Hop Sun and Ommegang's Witte.

                      1. As I am from the MS Coast/ New Orleans area, all I can [shout] is Abita Strawberry. Lovely pale brew with a tinge of local strawberries in the background. Crisp and perfect for Spring.

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                          i've had abita in the past! don't remember where but i know it was a tasty brew.

                        2. I just read that Magic Hat's summer seasonal, Wacko, is to be released again this summer. I enjoyed it quite a bit last year. It's a bit odd with the beets and all, but it drank well and paired nicely with a few different foods.

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                            If I ever land on the sun I want a Dogfish Head Festina Peche in my hand. Tart and tantalizing this beer demands heat. And check other traditional Berliner Weiss beers (w/ syrup) for the best hot weather beer drinking in my opinion.

                          2. sIERRA Nevada Summer Lager...clean and crisp!

                            1. I don't know how far east New Belgium distributes, but their Blue Paddle and Skinny Dip are both great lawn mower beers.