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Apr 15, 2010 08:45 AM

Any great soup in the Twin Cities?

I just recently went to bewiched for the first time. It's not bad. They look like they put some effort in their product. I tried the soup also---Chicken gumbo. It wasn't bad and I'm assuming the rest of the choices would be good too. But the only other soup place that I've been to is something called Eddington's. There was one in Roseville. It too wasn't bad. Anybody else soup fans around here?

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  1. You might get better responses in November than a beautiful April. I do enjoy the soups at Be'wiched -- their squash soup in the Fall is a standout in my mind.

    When I'm in the mood for soups, I tend towards Asian (although I'm not crazy about pho). Order just about any soup at Tanpopo in St. Paul, Pagoda in Dinkytown or Keefer Court in Cedar-Riverside and you'll get a nice dish. Those are my go-tos, especially when I have a cold.

    Cafe Latte often has some good options as well.

    Cafe Latte
    850 Grand Ave Ste 1, Saint Paul, MN 55105

    1. When I am in the mood for soup, I head to Surdyk's cheese shop.

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        Totally second Surdyks. Their soups are always really good and you can snack on cheese samples while you wait in line.

      2. The best soup place in the Twin Cities (IMHO) was the Lone Donut Cafe in the Towle Building, which closed about 4 years ago because of, I believe, some tax troubles.. I've always hoped that the soup guy there would show up at another place, but I have yet to hear anything. Are there any hounds out there who know of more info?

        1. Be'Wiched has some great soups.

          Other great choices:

          I love the yellow dal soup at Gandhi Mahal. Simple and exquisite.

          Egg Drop Soup at Gangchen is a revelation. Now I get why they started making this stuff in the first place.

          I had a cream of mushroom soup at Modern Cafe that was excellent.

          The coconut basil soup at Bonxai is very nice. I wasn't impressed at first, by I find myself craving it.

          The Loon has great chili.

          The pozole at salsa a la salsa is a meal unto itself. You get tostadas and spices and everything.

          Gandhi Mahal
          3009 27th Ave South, Minneapolis, MN

          Gangchen Restaurant
          1833 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403

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            Speaking of Gandhi mahal. I tried their mulligatawny soup and that was awesome. I've never had it before.

            Also, I don't know if anybody's been to Camdi in dinkytown.

            But they used to have the best hot & sour soup. I haven't had it in years and I recently went back last month. But the soup went downhill a little.

            Camdi Restaurant
            1325 4th St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

          2. Wild rice soup at Macy's River Room in St. Paul. Posolle soup at Pop!

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              Lucia's 'to go' has excellent soups, they'll give you a sample to try. And when they have it, Ecopolitan's raw borscht is excellent, even my Jewish mother liked it.

              2409 Lyndale Ave S Ste 4, Minneapolis, MN 55405