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Apr 15, 2010 08:16 AM


I am going to Cordoba on Sunday for work for a few days. Last time I was in the city the conference I attended organized all of the meals so I didn't try out any restaurants. Can you please suggest some good places? Upscale, hole in the wall, I don't care. Two things, one I don't eat meat but fish is fine and two I am staying at the Hotel Cordoba Center so stuff near there would be good...

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  1. Cordoba is really known for meat, but there are a few dishes that you should look for

    --berenjena con miel (fried eggplant with honey)
    --salmorejo--a cold, think tomato soup (often served with eggplant) make sure they don't sprinkle ham on it
    --ensalada de bacalao con naranjas (cod and orange salad)

    For traditional dishes, I've always been happy with meals at El Churrasco and Bodegas Campos. Casa Pepe de la Judería has a little tapas bar that is great, too--if you don't mind eating on your feet (they also have a full-blown restaurant).