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Apr 15, 2010 08:04 AM

Any Opinions Regarding Smuttynose Baltic Porter?

Any tasting notes or opinions out there regarding Smuttynose Brewery's Baltic Porter?

I'm a fan of the brewery, but haven't tried this release yet.

I'm partial to the Porter style and I'm wondering where this one fits in.


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  1. Tasting notes: dark chocolate, dark coffee, a little bit of black licorice, dark fruits and molasses. There is very little hop bitterness to this one. The malts really come through. I loved it. One of my favorite styles.

    Also try the Duck Rabbit Baltic Porter.

    Regular Porters are different from Baltic Porters as Baltic Porters use lager yeast.

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    1. re: Diego Sanchez

      >Baltic Porters use lager yeast.

      Well some do, some don't. Not a requirement of the style really.

    2. A favorite of mine if the Victory Baltic Thunder and the Alaskian Brewing Baltic Porter. Haven't tried the smuttynose one yet, but I'm a fan of their stuff whenever people throw them in as extras in a trade.