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Best little rich dessert that can be served in a lil glass cup!

I have these really cute lil glass square cups and want to serve something very rich but lil and pretty - clear glass.

I don't want simple pudding or ice cream, any ideas??

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  1. creme brulee, mini cheesecake, flourless chocolate cake baked in muffin tins, etc.

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        sorry, meant to add - NO oven, only presentation wow factor!

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          Here's a few pots de creme recipes for refrigerator only, so I guess the oven is optional:


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          My last cooking class featured Nutella Panna Cotta which was out of this world. Very little prep.

          Served with a small dollop of whipped cream.

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            Could you share the recipe? That sounds so good. Thanks!

        3. Blackberry or raspberry mousse.

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            yes, a mousse would work wonderfully thanks.

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              not oven or broiler safe, things can be baked/cooked ahead of time then dished up in these. not sure cake type items would work but maybe a no cook cheesecake would.

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                Be careful with the kitchen torch, too. It comes with the possibility of shattering your glass cups.

            2. If they are oven safe, you could probably bake a really nice looking chocolate soufflé in them!

              1. How about a trifle? The layers would look beautiful.

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                  yes, trifle might work as well if rich enough. I figure if it's rich, folks will be ok with a small portion. thanks

                2. Nancy Silverton's Butterscotch Budino (here in Ruth Reichl's column) is perfect, and so rich you really don't need a whole lot!


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                    Oh, I second that recommendation. That recipe is delicious.

                  2. Trader Joe's had a holiday-season powdered "sipping chocolate" which was to be mixed with milk into the consistency of melted chocolate - very rich but unlike actually melting chocolate, wouldn't solidify when cool. I don't know enough about chocolate to suggest how to replicate this but perhaps other can suggest a method.

                    Since others have ignored your pudding parameters, I'll suggest the Maple-Mocha pudding from The Maple Syrup Cookbook (I have posted it on other threads), since it is not a typical pudding combo, but very delicious.

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                      Dagoba makes sipping chocolate mixes, as does a local chocolatier named Christopher Elbow.

                    2. How about mini trifles? but, how little of a glass are you talking? Maybe something like a parfait, say whipped cream layered with different flavor and color mouses or fruit coulis. Rhubarb is in season and you could cook it down stovetop with sugar and orange or strawberry (or both) layered with whipped cream, and topped with candied pecans.

                      1. I've been looking for ideas for small rich desserts for an upcoming party...I'm thinking of making this one: http://lesgourmandisesdisa.blogspot.c... (it's in french however) which I found via a search on tastespotting - you may find inspiration here: http://www.tastespotting.com/search/v...

                        1. This is a rich chocolate mousse:

                          6 (1 oz.) squares semisweet chocolate
                          3 tablespoons strong black coffee
                          1 tablespoon orange juice
                          1 tablespoon rum (or brandy)
                          4 eggs, separated

                          The chocolate, coffee and OJ can be warmed in microwave until chocolate is melted--add liquor and stir smooth. Add egg yolks, beat well. Let cool.
                          Beat egg whites (in a separate clean bowl) until stiff--stiff peaks. Fold a little (3 tablespoons or so) into the chocolate mixture. Then gently fold in the rest, easy does it to keep mix light and full of air bubbles. Chill at least 3 hours, up to 8.

                          If you don't want chocolate, and prefer something sweeter) you could bake a crustless cheesecake (coconut cheesecake or peanut butter pie!) in a square pan to transfer into square glass cups.

                          1. I've had great success with the Cook's Illustrated Stovetop Pots de Creme recipe, although you say no pudding, so I'm not sure if this is too close.

                            1. I'm curious why you instantly ruled out pudding. I think a sinfully rich homemade chocolate pudding, like this one: http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/..., would be perfect and a real treat for guests.

                              1. Here's a link to Foodgawker and verrines. I left both sweet and savory in the search. There's even a mango panna cotta in a square glass a couple rows down! After dessert, you can branch out into apps.


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                                  Oh my, love the inspiration. Thanks nemo, I can't wait til I get summer guests to serve these.

                                2. Cimui's lemon mascarpone mousse in this thread w/ cut berries.


                                  The lace cookies recipe is also good--you could crumble them on top, too.

                                  Or, something fun would be to make little tres leches cakes in them. Bake in a pan and layer in it.

                                  1. How about melon-ball-sized scoops of various ice creams or sorbets? (Scoop onto a chilled sheet pan, then return to freezer until ready to assemble and serve). Garnish with pomegranate arils scattered between the balls, mint sprigs or edible/candied flowers.

                                    If your main motivation is to use the cups, you could use them for an appetizer or amuse bouche. (This reminds me of the newspaper article on the Hawaiian chef, which misspelled it "a mouse douche" - kinda ruins the concept forever, doesn't it?) What's the capacity of these things, and do they have handles?

                                    1. Perhaps a berry fool? Berry purée folded into lightly sweetened whipped cream - rich and pretty.

                                      1. Home made French Vanilla ice cream......


                                        1. lots of great ideas, thanks all.

                                          I'm against pudding I guess because I've never really had an outstanding one that was really rich. Of course I'm not a great dessert person, completely fine without desserts most often but something lil and rich might work.

                                          these hold only 1.7 fl oz - they are small and look like glass but really some kind of plastic or plexiglass.

                                          please don't laugh but I just bought a box of 24 lemon gelatos from BJ's and they are in these adorable cups and I want to keep them - yes, call me crazy (and thrifty I am)!

                                          I'm thinking of trying a no bake cheese cake and mousse together, layered! maybe?? not sure......thoughts?

                                          I see these coming out on a nice platter, 1 or 2 for each.

                                          1. http://www.flickr.com/photos/otosphot...
                                            look at these, I was thinking a strawberry or mango or even a coconut creme dessert
                                            so much embellishment that you can do...

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                                              awesome, yes, perfect. I also found a lil rich coffee inspired mousse like this:

                                              these cups are lil like these and square

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                                                ohh very nice and different too! This mousse looks really really good.....

                                            2. You can't go past a chocolate cream... all you need is the best chocolate you can lay your hands on, some cinnamon, and whipped cream. Melt the chocolate and fold in the cream and it's oh so very rich and delicous that you don't need more than a small serve.

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                                              1. How about a posset? Couldn't be simpler...cook cream and sugar, add lemon juice and pour into glasses...easy, quick and delicious...always impresses.

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                                                  oh and I love lemon anything, thanks - I've never heard of posset so I'm going to do some searches.

                                                2. I made a blood orange panna cotta topped with a blood orange gelee and served it in tiny fluted shot glasses, The shot glasses hold just a little over 1 ounce when filled to the very
                                                  top. The color of the blood oranges is gorgeous and made a beautiful dessert. preserntation. No oven/broiler involved as gelatin is the thickener in a panna cotta so the
                                                  dessert is finished by "chilling" rather than "cooking".

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                                                  1. Pichet Ong's book The Sweet Spot has some wonderful gelatin based sweets as well as interesting tapioca desserts that would be great in your little cups.