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Apr 15, 2010 07:22 AM

Suburban Gastropubs

Other than Theresa's Next Door what are the best suburban gastropubs?

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  1. Capone's- East Norriton
    Craft Ale House- Limerick
    TJ's Everyday-Paoli
    Ortino's Northside- Zieglersville
    The Drafting Room- Spring House & Exton

    There are many others, but these are some of my favorites.

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    1. re: Chefmonty

      Thanks, these look perfect. We are visiting from the DC area and staying in Wayne so it appears that TJ's and The Exton Drafting Room are perfect for us. Any second tier recs in the same area.

      1. re: Trip Klaus

        Ron's Original Bar and grill also in Exton. And any beercentic trip would not be complete without stopping at Victory Brewery in Downingtown

        EdiT: I almost forgot, A little futher down RT 30 past TJ's is McKenzie's Brew House

        1. re: Chefmonty

          If you happen to still be in the area on Sunday, there is going to be a great beer brunch at Capone's starting at 11 am. The beer list will be world class!!!
          see link for more info:

          1. re: Chefmonty

            McKenzie's is a great suggestion (though I might call them a brew pub rather than a gastro pub.. ). Their Saison is superior.

            You also have Iron Hill in Media, and West Chester. As well as Sly Fox in Royersford. But those would be more beer than food oriented destination.

            In addition to Capones, (and Matt is doing a bang up job there) you might also consider Brother Pauls, Iron Abbey and way over in Bucks County if you were to go that way, Stefanie's in Doylestown andIsaac Newton's are worthy destinations.

            My one general comment is that I think we have good beer centric places, but I don't think the food is up to par with the likes of a Southwark, Royal Tavern, or even Standard Tap.

      2. Inside of the city, but not downtown, you have 2 in Mt. Airy, McMenamin's and Earth Bread and Brewery.

        1. We enjoy these kind of restaurants but have only been to a few in the 'burbs. We love Victory...the hand drawn beer is quite tasty, esp Uncle Teddy's Bitter. Worth the drive and the food is pretty good. Have also had some good beer at TJ's and Teresa's Next Door. Of the two, the food at Theresa's was better. Didn't think our visit to McKenzie's was worth repeating. It wasn't bad but not good either. Iron Hill is always a good place too. I think they may have the best food and good beer to go with it.

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          1. re: cook262

            For good food and beer we frequent Teresa's, Craft Ale House and Victory. TJ's was ok but food not on par with the others, same with Ron's and Drafting Room. Sly Fox Royersford is better than Phoenixville. Pickering Creek Inn is worth a try, also in P'ville. We've had good food there. Nothing "gastro" but good. Ortino's is very good. We pass right by McKenzie's to get to any of those.