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Apr 15, 2010 06:49 AM

ISO Lyle's Golden Syrup and potato starch in Boston

I'm looking to buy both cans of Lyle's Golden Syrup and potato starch (how is that even sold?) in Boston or a t-accessible location. Anyone know where either of these are sold? Thanks.

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  1. Any decent Asian supermarket will have potato starch.

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      You can also find potato starch in the Kosher section of most supermarkets, as well as most stores that sell gluten-free products.

    2. Lyle's now comes in a plastic bottle, and is readily available at Star/Shaw's and Stop & Shop - most likely at other supermarkets as well. It used to be with Irish goods in the shop-the-world aisle at the Allston Star, but lately I've seen it with the breakfast syrups & jams.

      We usually get ours at Russo's, however, which for some reason has a better price than the supermarkets.

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      1. re: Allstonian

        I just saw a can of Lyle's at Roche Bros in Wellesley

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          Tins at British Delights on Powers Road in Westford, too, spotted this week.

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          Got mine (plastic bottle) at the Somerville Ave. Market Basket for $2.99. Impulse buy.

        3. If you go to Adams Village, Dorchester, which is centered on Adams St. near the intersection with Gallivan Blvd, you'll find an Irish bakery called Greenhills. If you haven't been here, you must go, preferably on a weekend morning. Across the street from it, there is a small grocery store/convenience store, which definitely sells golden syrup. There you'll also find an interesting assortment of Irish products, including bacon and butter.

          1. I've seen it in the traditional tins at Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge, possibly it could in the South End one too.