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Apr 15, 2010 06:05 AM

GYROS....Chicken/Lamb, Mixed Grill...but which tastes best in NYC?

Looking for a mouthwatering gyro sandwich or platter in the Big Apple...there are many but my taste buds are looking for MASTERY...Any super GYRO fans out there know where I can catch me some quali-T eats???

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  1. Mahmouns is one of my go-to spots...doesn't need to be a fancy pretty sure there are some good ones in Astoria too..but if anyone knows of any good cheap eats spots for Gyros in NYC please share...many thanks!

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      Halal food carts are great. Try RAFIQI! Theres one at Union Sq on 16th St, Chelsea at 26 & 7th, Madison and 47th and other locations as well.

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        If you're by Mamouns on MacDougal and really want the tastiest lamb, head across the street and down a few doors to Yatagans. Mamouns has good falafel, but Yatagans has the BEST lamb doner kebabs. Mamouns lamb isn't even in the same league.

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          yeah, the best ive had was in astoria. try posting on the outer borughs