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Apr 15, 2010 05:06 AM

Buying Lamb Spare Ribs - Croydon/London


I'm trying to find somewhere that sells full racks of lamb ribs but I think I'm searching for the wrong thing. I had a rack of lamb ribs a few times in Bodeans BBQ and it was a full rack that looked like a rack of pork ribs.

Whenever I search I come up with a loin rack (the ones that are so popular frenched and served when you want to look a bit posh for very little effort) while I'm more after Lamb spare ribs.

Anyone know a place around the Croydon or London area that does these or somewhere that will deliver?



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  1. Lambs are tiny compared to pigs, so will never yield anything that will resemble pork ribs, but generally you get four different cuts from the ribs and back: the neck, from the top; the rack/the chops, from the loin; the barnsley chop, from the base, and the breast. On a pig, when you cut off the belly, the ends of the ribs which are removed are spare. On a lamb this would be the ribs in the breast. Breast is a cheap cut, any butcher should have it, but it turns out very differently to pork, mainly because lamb fat is much less pleasant than pork fat. This is why breast is normally trimmed and minced, or served with lots of mustard or salsa verde as with Ste Ménéhould. Hope this helps.

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    1. I take a different vierw to skut over the lamb breast (which I agree is the nearest thing to a rack of pork ribs). We normally roast it on the bone and still in one piece. Yes, it's a very fatty midweek roast - have plenty of paper towels about - but quite delicious eating it cut into ribs.. You can also debone and roast it as a joint to carve.

      One of my local Chinese takeaway does "lamb spare ribs" for folk who cannot eat pork (I live in a community with a largish Jewish population). I've had a taste of one - it was done in a Chinese style and, whilst it wasnt vile, wasnt quite to my taste. I think a more westerised treatment works better.

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        yeah, it's definitely a question of taste. I LOVE in such an unhealthy way anything oily or fatty, except lamb fat, which I find entirely noxious.

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          You'll have gathered I find it fine - except when cold when it's vile beyond belief. Takes me forever to trim down leftovers for a lamb butty (not breast of course)

      2. My local Waitrose stocked them in pre-pack for a while a year or so ago, but no longer. Maybe other bigger branches still carry them?

        1. Thanks for all the replies. I've had lamb breast before but didn't make the connection. Will see if I can find it again because I think we only paid about £2 last time so it was an absolute bargain!



          1. I'm new to this site, hence late posting. You might want to give halal butchers a try as they normally have more choice in terms of unconventional cuts. Saw Lamb Ribs being offered on - they deliver - I'm sure a local halal butchers might have them too - good luck!