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Apr 14, 2010 07:13 PM

Williamsburg Snack Shack re-opening for season tomorrow

The snack shack frequented by locals of every stripe seeking good cheap outdoor food on rt 9 in Haydenville serves a wonderful lobster roll despite its landlocked locale. It is pretty much just lobster on a hot dog roll as is traditional and a steal ( last year 6.95 with chips). There are also po boys, clam chowder, pulled pork, sweet potato fries, and very decent fish and chips, and much more sold out of a miniscule shack by the road. And right next door is the best soft ice cream in the area. YUM. Long lines, which move fast, attest to the popularity of this local haunt.

Williamsburg Snack Bar
93 Main St, Williamsburg, MA 01096

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  1. made it out there today and it was as good as always. my wife says the $6.75 lobster roll (available fri-sun only) is one of the best and meatiest she's ever et, and the basic dog is lovely. i think it's $1.85 and you dress it yourself on a grilled NE style bun, so you can put the condiments provided on a side table (chopped raw onions, relish, yellow mustard, ketchup) underneath the tubesteak, as is best.


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    1. re: fatheryod

      We're in the NoHo area quite often so we'll be on a mission next time. Thanks for the info!


    2. We've just moved to Northampton, near Florence and Haydenville, and wonder where the elusive weekend-only lobster shack actually is, let's say in relation to Bread Euphoria, or Look Park, and how you can identify it.
      In driving Route 9 going west, we've spotted one shack-like place at a golf driving range, and maybe one on the right farther west? We'd sure like to try the one people on chowhound talk about. Lobster is the Holy Grail of food for me.
      Both have no names, just small signs announcing a couple of different food items.

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      1. re: BerkshireTsarina

        It's open every day, but the lobster roll is only on weekends. Keep going past the shack at the driving range, (Scotties), past Bread Euphoria, past Haydenville "center" where the bank and P.O. are.It will be a bit further on your right, next to a plant nursery, just a little bit past a rundown looking veterinary clinic. They have a sandwich board net to the road advertizing each days specials.

        1. re: hilltowner

          Lobster rolls start on fridays. They have been crazy busy this season so going at an off time or right when they open at 11 is good if you don't feel like waiting. The first thing you will notice is the ice cream sign probably ( btw this is a good soft ice cream place, too)

          1. re: magiesmom

            one key is the bright turquoise blue color of the shack...and it's tiny. on your right as you're going toward Wmsburg from Noho.

            1. re: faith

              I know OP is after lobster rolls, but the fried scallops are really good when they appear. You get most value with any of the fried items by ordering " just________" and then cole slaw or whatever you want on the side, as the roll and fries you get with the dinner are meh and you get less seafood.

      2. We made it! All the directions and tips were perfect --- shack's bright turquoise looks newly painted. Lobster roll good and good value, but lots of other things were tempting also. They had the fried scallops, and they list fish tacos and shrimp po'boys on the hand-written menu --- and husband loves hot dogs, so we'll definitely be visiting again.
        We shared some black raspberry soft serve ice cream also. It's been decades! So long ago I still know it as frozen custard.
        To us it was quintessentially New England --- we got there at 11:30, pretty quiet, but just after noon it started to get busy. Totally local, with folks shopping at the garden center as well.
        Reminded us of being at a lobster shack on a pier in Maine or Rhode Island, but instead of watching the ocean, we watched the traffic stream by on Route 9, which has its own interest value.
        Thanks so much for getting us there.

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        1. re: BerkshireTsarina

          Glad you had fun. I've never had the shrimp po' boys but the fish tacos are quite good, and a good deal.

          1. re: magiesmom

            We just got back from was great and we certainly should have ordered more. Followed Magiesmom's advice, ordered whole belly clams only...they were great. i think it was $10.50 for a good amount. Lobster roll was very tasty, great deal...could be frozen, not fresh...but only $7. Also tried the shrimp po'boy: very good. It was an open face grinder roll, with lettuce, slaw and a spicy sauce, with about 6-7 fried shrimp on top. It was $5 and really tasty.
            We arrived at about 5:45, waited about 5 minutes to order and the food came out about 10 minutes later. Every table was taken.
            We will definitely be back. What a great place to have nearby!!

            1. re: saintp

              I've got to try that po' boy!I have figured out that the waits are longest when there are scallops on the menu; they take longer to fry and they get backed up; I have waited an hour!

          2. re: BerkshireTsarina

            Glad you found it, Tsarina! The shack has become my go to eatery while day-tripping to Noho area. The fried belly clams are fantastic, the pulled pork great and cheap! Will now be on the lookout for the fried scallops. The lobster bisque wasn't too shabby either!

            1. re: mjoyous

              Hi, Joyous! We're just beginning to reenter the world after moving to Northampton with an inundation of boxes (many still unpacked).
              Now that we've found the Shack, what is your favorite Chinese/Japanese/Mexican/justplaingood restaurant here or in the Valley?
              Short (or long) list of your favorites welcomed --
              In a new thread, if need be --

              1. re: BerkshireTsarina

                Here is a quick list, Berkshire T!
                Chinese- Amherst Chinese, Great Wall (Florence), Butterfly (Hadley)
                Japanese- Moshi Moshi, Osaka (both in Northampton)
                Mexican- Mi Tierra in Hadley

                Moshi Moshi
                4 Main St, Northampton, MA 01060

                Mi Tierra
                206 Russell St, Hadley, MA 01035

                1. re: BerkshireTsarina

                  Mi Tierra is where I eat almost all of the time when in the area, though the Shack is running a close second. I keep meaning to try Butterfly, but haven't been there. Am not enraptured by any of the other restaurants I've tried; hit Local Burger now and then. Haven't tried Sierra(?)
                  I really like the croissants and chocolate bouchons at Bread Euphoria, though I think Berkshire Mt. Bakery has better bread. I'm also a sucker for chocolate pudding ice cream at Herrells, but I'm a chocolate hound.
                  Sorry you've left the Berkshires, but happy to know you're still in grazing distance! Hope the move is successful for you.

                  Mi Tierra
                  206 Russell St, Hadley, MA 01035

                  1. re: mjoyous

                    Hungry Ghost bread should not be missed,

            2. Hooray - I love this place and wish it were closer.

              1. Thanks to everyone for guiding me to this landmark place. Here's a photo essay I did about it on my blog today, "Haute Cuisine By the Side of the Road".
                Hope you all get a kick out of it:

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                1. re: BerkshireTsarina

                  nice, tsarina. Have you tried a blackberry freeze at the ice cream stand next door?

                  1. re: BerkshireTsarina

                    Now i need to get to the valley and have fish taco's. I'm salivating!!!!!!!!

                    1. re: BerkshireTsarina

                      Fish Tacos look fantastic....available only when a daily special??

                      1. re: sakeandgin

                        Fish tacos are Wed and Thurs weekly
                        pulled pork Tuesday

                        1. re: magiesmom

                          I am hooked on those fish tacos. they're a great deal and very good. while they are the special on wed. and thurs., last friday i went there for dinner and they were on the board! special!! i felt very lucky. tonight it's fried scallops, which i hope to try if the rain lets up.

                          1. re: saintp

                            the fried scallops are my favorite thing there, along with lobster BLT's. we get scallops only and a side of cole slaw and then go next door for a kid size coffee soft serve for dessert whenever the scallops appear.
                            maybe tomorrow!

                            1. re: magiesmom

                              well, it's 4:41 and it's not raining, so my girls and i are going to head up there in a few minutes....clam chowder for them to keep them (tastily) occupied while we wait, a lobster roll for them to split (they're only 4 and 6, so that works for now!) and a plate of scallops for me! can't wait.
                              when does this place close for the season? i am dreading the day because it has become my favorite place to eat around here....

                              1. re: saintp

                                last year not until Columbus day, so you have awhile.
                                folks on here seem to like Captain Jack's in Easthampton, not sure of i,ve seen you on that thread,

                                1. re: magiesmom

                                  i've heard good things about it, but haven't gone yet. we are in florence, so about halfway between the 2 "shacks", so i suppose i'll have to make it there sometime. but i did thoroughly enjoy the fried scallops tonight....they were perfectly done and the breading is so light.

                                  1. re: saintp

                                    I can't say my research has been exhaustive but for fried seafood, I'd pick Captain Jack's over Williamsburg. W-burg has lobster rolls, better ambiance, lower prices, ice cream, and more menu variety overall, so it's got a lot going for it, but if you are looking for fried clams or scallops, I'd go to see the Captain.

                                    Captain Jack's Restaurant
                                    706 Succotash Rd, Narragansett, RI 02879

                                    1. re: andytee

                                      well, you can also wait 'til season's end. i think jack's is planning to be open year-round, and wiliamsburg when closed is gone for what always seems like too long. just a thought.

                        2. re: sakeandgin

                          Just wanted to jump in and say that the Fish Tacos are great! I like them far better than the ones at Capt. Jacks. I could actually see having a "problem" with the Snack Bar's fish tacos....

                          "Yep, that's her, back at the Bar again, sucking down another order of fish tacos!"

                          1. re: amysrq

                            luckily, than, they are only 2 days a week!

                            1. re: amysrq

                              I agree. Tried the fish tacos at Capt. Jack's about a month ago. They were okay. The Snack Bar fish tacos have that great spicy slaw and the "slaw" at Capt. Jack's just didn't compare. And $5.25 for 2 tacos?? What a steal at the Snack Bar. I think I'll be there for lunch on's been awhile.

                              1. re: saintp

                                Jack's slaw was too wet. made the whole thing mushy. And they just put too much in. less is more!

                                Hey, tomorrow is Wednesday!! Fish Taco day!!

                                1. re: saintp

                                  good idea. I'm stopping Thurs for lunch!