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Its 10pm, dinner is long gone, and you are hungry and alone...

...and because you are a chowhounder, you don't just eat chips & a beer.

So what do you eat?

This question occurred to me as I am currently waiting for my old-school grilled cheese to be perfectly browned and melted. And when I say old school, I mean buttered Wonderbread & Kraft cheese slices.

Some of my other favorites include: brie & pears on baguette toasts, smoked salmon flavored cream cheese on water crackers, and when I am really feeling crazy, apples and peanut butter.

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  1. Peanut butter & jelly sandwich, my childhood favorite that I still love. Sometimes, I'll have something leftover from dinner but if I don't want to heat anything up, it'll be PB & J, cheese & crackers, or a bowl of cereal

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      Ditto to the PB & J, that and popcorn, a baked potato, a bowl of cereal, a piece of fruit, a quick scrambled egg and toast, cheese and crackers...

      And even though I'm a chowhound, I sometimes do just eat chips & a beer.

      1. re: bushwickgirl

        Ha Ha BushWick! Yes indeed sometimes it is just chips and beer. I have BBQ flavor kettle chips and really I don't even like them except when I'm drinking beer. Then I can eat about three before the sodium overload / bad crunch factor kicks in. Then it's cold beer to wash away the taste and then I'm good for another three. Repeat cycle.

        If there's nuts in the house, they're game.

        Small tortilla fried up in a non-stick pan w/ some cheese (I ALWAYS have torts in the house) and some fresh cilantro and / or green onion (I almost always have those). Some sriracha or salsa.

        Sometimes I'll fry up thin slices of salami or sausage and have them w/ some Triscuit crackers. I rarely do sweet if I'm munching.

    2. PB&J. Grilled cheese (tho it sometimes I'm not patient enough). Poached egg on buttered toast. Fried egg sandwich, with or without ham. Yogurt and Grape Nuts. Apple or pear, with or without peanut butter or honey. Sliced banana on toast with peanut butter and honey. If it's going to be a long night (work) or has been a long night (out and about), a nice fresh herb and cheese omelet with a glass of orange juice. And sometimes...chips and a beer.

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        Funny you should ask, because I JUST ate this microwave cake:


        Surprisingly good. :-)

      2. I always try to keep to the healthiest options on those rare nights when I feel it's necessary to snack.

        Unsalted roasted almonds. (About eight or ten really do satisfy.) Maybe a can of water-, mustard- or hot sauce-packed sardines. Half a can of tuna. Raw vegetables of any kind -- no restrictions. A piece of raw fruit.

        I believe that keeping snacking in check is THE key to being able to enjoy food at mealtime. Don't resort to crap and you'll feel better in every sense of the word.

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            yep, eggs, any kind. I can keep it healthy, quick and filling.

          2. Aw, come on. Let's be honest with each other and ourselves here.

            10pm, We're alone and hungry.

            We know the answer - it's whatever is in the fridge. You know you don't care.

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              Whatever is in the house is indeed what I'm going to eat. Won't be running out to stock up on anything.

              There is the mess factor and will I clean the kitchen before going to bed factor also.

            2. It's just after 10pm now. I had a late dinner so I'm not hungry, but if I was...

              There's dinner leftovers, of course, but I don't really want to eat the same thing again so soon. I've got enough pea soup left for one more serve. Coleslaw, since it's winter -- I make a big batch so there's always some in the fridge. There's two batches of fruit salad -- yesterday's which I haven't finished yet, and today's batch which is intended for breakfast, so I could finish off yesterday's with some vanilla ice cream.

              I've got bread so a toasted sandwich is always possible: cheese, probably the too-bland feta I have right now and a bit of cheddar to brighten it up; a few thin slices of onion; and either a smear of English mustard or sambal oelek. Oh, and I finally remembered to buy more popcorn! So there's another good option. Pop that in butter and oil, then give it the finest sprinkle of salt before throwing in some smashed-up dark chocolate. Or maybe cinnamon toast.

              If I think about my options any more I really will be hungry =)

              1. chocolate fondue, i had a bit of dark chocolate left, some heavy cream and some fruits already pre-cut!

                1. hah, this describes me perfectly half an hour ago. I had an apple. Then I had another apple. Sometimes I will make popcorn.

                  1. My evening ice cream craving usually kicks in about 10:45pm.

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                    1. re: iluvcookies

                      Me too iluvcookies...

                      Last night though, I had 2 Oreos.

                      1. re: Cookiefiend

                        Ironically, I don't like Oreos.
                        I did make some peanut butter cookies with my niece last night that helped to stave off the ice cream craving.

                        1. re: iluvcookies

                          I would much rather have home-made peanut butter cookies than oreos!

                    2. those spicy Thai noodle soup packages sure come in handy on friday nights when i come home from my pub crawl. i like adding a few prawns to it to make it a little more substantial.

                      otherwise i'd rather fruits.

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                        That late at night is a whole other story. After a pub night, I am more inclined to eat something a little "more", like a cheeseburger or pizza or turkey sandwich.

                      2. That late at night I would have a glass (or 2) of a nice red wine and call it a night...

                        Or if I do not have red wine a very dry, very dirty vodka martini on the rocks

                        1. Farm to Market Grains Galore toasted. Sometimes dry, sometimes a little butter. sometimes peanut or almond butter.

                          1. Fried Egg Sammich...or A bowl of Chocolate Ice Cream.......

                            1. Late at night I'm looking for something healthy...I usually go for cold soba noodles or canned sardines.

                              1. I usually cut up an apple, salt it and relish every slice.
                                If that doesn't do it for me, a bagel with tomato sauce, cheese, and whatever deli meat I can find. I will go to the trouble to make something, I get cravings so not just any old thing will do. I never eat chips, that'd be out. I would make a flour tortilla and fill it with anything cheesey and good thing I could find.Tomatoes, avocado, bacon, ham, or make an egg,scallions and cheese burrito with cream cheese dropped in just for the heck of it.

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                                1. re: chef chicklet

                                  The tortilla cheese thing has been mentioned a few times and I do it too some nights, a sort of cheese quesadilla, and add sliced pickled or fresh jalapeƱos. A nice little snack before beddy-bye.

                                2. Cheddar cheese and dry roasted almonds. Or a little dark chocolate and almonds. Or popcorn.

                                  Usually the dark chocolate and almonds win.

                                  1. PBJ tops the list. Grilled Cheese, maybe. Bowl of cereal if there's cold milk standing by.

                                    1. My favorite late night snack is cereal. Not the high-fiber, vitamin-enriched stuff, but delicious stuff like cocoa puffs, capn' crunch or fruitloops.

                                      Another thing that tastes great as a midnight snack is a fried egg topped wth salsa.

                                      1. Dosirac brand mushroom noodle bowl, with shredded black fungus and wakame seaweed added.
                                        Kraft mac and cheese, just bought a five-pack, to my own horror. Sometimes nothing else quite fills the bill like some sort of junk food noodles.

                                        1. Usually it's 2-3 soft-boiled eggs with plenty of salt and a big glass of water. Sometimes I'll make a fried egg sandwich with 2 eggs, light toast, ketchup, and one slice of whatever cheese I have.

                                          1. Just tonight it was Triscuits and Tribe 40 Spices Hummus.

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                                            1. re: al b. darned

                                              Cap'n Crunch or raspberry poptarts.Oh yea!

                                              1. re: davecrf

                                                Am I SURE I'm alone? OK smoked oysters, saltines & green curry paste. STINKY!

                                                1. re: tullius

                                                  I'm with you on the smoked oysters and saltines, but how ever do you work in the green curry?

                                                  1. re: rabaja

                                                    well I used to use tobasco cause I wanted something hot with it but since I discovered those cans of paste I crave it.

                                            2. lately it has been polenta and an egg over easy, sometimes with a bit of cheese, always with a lot of ketchup.

                                              1. Last night, I was already in bed reading when I realized that I was too hungry to sleep. I went to the kitchen and gave myself a generous helping of vanilla ice cream. As an after thought, I stuck a cranberry orange scone into the bowl. I took the, roughly, billion grams of fat back into the bedroom. I never eat in the bedroom, and trying it with a scone has not encouraged me to continue this experiment. I usually have popcorn. I should have had popcorn.

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                                                1. re: onceadaylily

                                                  For me last night, it was fresh marble rye with butter. I bought it at the market in the afternoon and could not wait to eat it.

                                                2. Thai Kitchen Instant Rice Noodle Soup. Any variety. Gosh, I love carbs!

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                                                  1. re: Babyducks

                                                    I love carbs too!

                                                    Some of my favourite snacks include buttered sourdough toasted on the stovetop, quesadillas, cinnamon-sugar tortillas, ice cream, string cheese, peanutbutter and an apple (also a common lunch item).

                                                  2. Late at night, it's the crunch factor I find I crave, so sometimes it's cinnamon toast (but only if I feel ambitious), sometimes trail mix, but usually it'scelery or baby carrots with either some dippable salad dressing, or if it's celery alone, some PB.

                                                    I have to ensure chips, cookies, etc. are not around, else they get hoovered in an instant.

                                                    1. I think it was the late Mike Royko who said that the way a bachelor knows when to shop is when he's down to his last can of tuna fish. Tuna fish salad on toasted wheat bread usually does the trick.

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                                                        So glad to see another fan of the much missed Mr. Royko. I read him in the Des Moines Register when I lived in Iowa.

                                                      2. Tonight it was a generous helping of tiramisu from Costco. So good!

                                                        1. Well, last night it was the last of the spam (fried). Last week one night, a couple of cheese hot dogs (split Ball Park's lengthwise, stuff in a slice of Kraft cheese in each, put in frying pan with butter, cook until bottoms are browned and cheese is all melty and the dog gets the ends of the hot dogs) and one night a few days earlier it was a couple of slices of french toast (takes a minute to make and a minute to fry up - it's good if you have a sweet tooth and no sweets.)

                                                          1. To the PB&J lovers...try grilling it like grilled cheese. You won't want to eat anything after that.

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                                                            1. re: ML8000

                                                              oooh dear. I sense many, large jars of peanut butter in my future. Brilliant idea.

                                                              1. re: ML8000

                                                                And add bacon (and bananas)...The Elvis!

                                                              2. I just did this not to long ago and I made Banana Pancakes

                                                                1. If i have cheese and crackers in the house that's my snack of choice. I try to stay away from tuna fish and peanut butter late at night, because they both give me heartburn on occasion. One of my favorite late night snacks (or anytime really) is a toasted baguette with mayo and tomato. Sometimes I have to settle for an English Muffin though.

                                                                  1. French toast ..

                                                                    Something pasta

                                                                    Grilled cheese

                                                                    Fried rice

                                                                    Asian instant noodles of any kind

                                                                    Fried eggs

                                                                    Poached eggs

                                                                    1. Toast with peanutbutter and dates, or;
                                                                      Marble rye with bleu cheese spread and walnuts