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Apr 14, 2010 07:01 PM

1st Wedding Anniversary & 1st time to San Francisco

Our wedding anniversary is coming up on April 25th, which is a Sunday, and my husband and I want to eat somewhere very special to celebrate. We are very picky eaters though, and when I look at the menu's online for places like the French Laundry, I just know that it's food that we will not like. What is somewhere that serves traditional "American" food, that has a very romantic atmosphere, good service, for around $100-$200? I'm concerned about finding a place that will be open on Sunday, as well. Some of the restraurants that I've looked at online are closed on Sundays.
This is our first trip to San Francisco and we are both very excited about it. I hope we can find somewhere nice to eat for our special day.

The French Laundry
6640 Washington Street, Yountville, CA 94599

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  1. Boulevard. Upscale "New American." Open Sundays. Beautiful room, and you can stroll the Embarcadero before/after dinner; some tables have a view (if you make reservations, be sure to ask and tell them it's a special occasion).

    Boulevard Restaurant
    1 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94105

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      Have to agree on Blvd., because of the views, because you can walk up and down the Embarcadero before and after. Bix is wonderful but a a bit isolated. Epic to me would be too scene-y. I even want to say Foreign Cinema because of atmosphere, and pretty straightforward food.

      56 Gold St., San Francisco, CA 94133

      Foreign Cinema
      2534 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94110

    2. Not sure what "American food" is, but Epic Roasthouse is haute surf-and-turf. The upstairs bar area has a decent view and is intimate in a clubby sort of way, if not a hearts-and-flowers way.

      Epic Roasthouse
      369 The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA 94105

      1. Can i ask how old you guys are and where you're coming from - an example of a high end american food restaurant from your town might be a good example of what you like? That might sway what I or others recommend. What I wanted in my 20's is different than what I want in my 30's.
        Also, describe what you mean by "American" - lots of San Francisco restaurants have French, Mediterranean or Asian influences. Unless you just want to go to a high end steakhouse.

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          I am 26 and my husband is 34. We are coming from Birmingham, AL. I don't really know what I mean by American food. I guess maybe steaks and chicken, things of that nature. We are open minded but like I said, we are both very picky eaters. We enjoy good food, just certain things that we like. I've looked at a few restaurants online and viewed their menu's and most of it stuff that I know we won't eat or I have no clue what it is. I've read in some magazine that bone marrow has gotten popular in restaurants and I want to try that.

          1. re: sadiejen

            Can you enlighten us a little more about what you mean by picky? I've heard people describe themselves as that before, but I'm not really sure what that means in terms of food you avoid. Are you talking about a general comfort level or are their certain foods you simply can't/won't eat? We know you like steak and chicken, which is available in a huge variety of American and ethnic cuisines. Just curious to know what you like to help point you to some places you'd like.

        2. Like Vis, I cannot recommend without knowing how old you are, where you're from and what type of restaurants you have enjoyed in the past. But for traditional american food with a nice ambience (though it's not really 'romantic', please avoid going during happy hours as it can be a little loud), i highly recommend Bix. I think the food served by Bix is done well, though may not be inventive, from the steak tartare, burger, fish, spaghetti. It is also open on Sunday and has a good wine list.

          56 Gold St., San Francisco, CA 94133

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          1. re: chocomel

            totally forgot about BIX. Great call. I remember going there w/ my wife when we were younger and it felt very swanky and nice w/out feeling overly stuffy and we weren't intimidated by the food.

          2. 3rd or 4th Boulevard.