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Apr 14, 2010 05:42 PM

"home"-made sausages in NYC or Long Island

Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can get homemade sausages in New York City or Long Island? I love the hot sausage (don't know if they're beef or veal) from Woodbury Kosher in Plainview/Hicksville, and I plan on trying the various sausages at Le Merais. Anywhere else I should try?

I would love to try Jeff's Gourmet Sausage Factory in LA, but they charge a lot for shipping, so I figured I'd see what was available locally first.

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  1. Hmmm, I found this post from last January about this... in fact I even responded about Woodbury Kosher:

    But the other responses were about packaged sausages. So, I'm still wondering about homemade ones.

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      If you're willing to head all the way out to Ridge, I can recommend a butcher, but since he's a friend of the family, you'll have to contact me offline (address is in my profile) because I'm not allowed to post it here.

    2. I'm pretty sure I and D on Avenue P in Brooklyn sells homemade sausages - there's another butcher shop, on Kings Highway and East fourth (or third or second - it's a corner store with an orange awning) that may also have homemade sausages.

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          Glatt Mart makes their own- they have Italian sausages in sweet and hot.

          Prime Cut on Avenue U in Brooklyn also makes their own sausages. I've had the veal sausages and they were excellent.

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            Thanks, all. I'll try to make it out to Brooklyn to give them all a shot!

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              Glatt Mart is in Brooklyn , on Ave M and E12th

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                Try Kissena Farms in KGH. My daughter told me they have lamb, chicken, beef, suasages. No idea how they are, but will try the chicken over the weekend.
                Glatt mart suasages are very good.

      1. Fisher Bros and Leslie (West 72nd Street) in Manhattan makes sausages. I have never tried them but their other food was always very good (albeit not cheap) when I lived on the UWS. Neshoma is a national brand that has gotten very good reviews. It is widely available.

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