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Redneck food, Roadkill etc

K, I know this is weird, but some friends and I go to a tournament every year where all the teams have a theme...ours is Redneck.

I am in charge of the food and I'm hoping to do something "authentic". I am looking for any recipes, food sources etc that will fit the bill.

Any help is appreciated

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  1. I am from Nashville TN so I have eaten my fair share of redneck food, if you are cooking for a large crowd or say 10 people? Here are my recommendations.

    Group BBq sandwiches, potato salad, baked beans, macaroni and cheese ,
    corn lite bread (its like a loaf of cornbread but sweeter)
    and of course banana pudding or chess pie.

    Other options would be pinto beans and cornbread with chow chow
    and fried pies
    fried chicken, friend okra, cornbread, sweet tea, black eyed peas and hog jaw,
    green bean casserole, sweet potatoe casserole with marshmallow topping,
    dessert, fudge pie, red velvet cake, chess pies,
    anything made with jello, is instantly redneck, a good jello mold LOL
    check out white trash cooking websites online
    and anything with jack daniels in it becomes redneck!

    1. I live in NC; what the poster above described is Southern food, not redneck food. Redneck food can be described as canned white bread road kill fried junk type food.
      I included some links below to give you a couple of ideas of the difference.


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        My thoughts exactly, Cheryl.

        The OP mentioned road kill the post title, but I just think that's a very bad idea. Anything else from your links is fair game, including game.

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          I have to say that down here, some do eat road kill but then some trap instead of eating what they run into. Raccoon, opossum and squirrel would be authentic enough if the OP could get it. Rednecks like to hunt, which is how I got all that deer in my freezer (my neighbors); any wild game would suffice though & everyone will be impressed...

          1. re: Cherylptw

            I done et roadkill, shore 'nuff.

            Must be close to 25 years ago now, a little old lady in my home town hit and killed a deer with her pickup, and rather than waste all that good meat, she field dressed it on the spot, cut it into manageable pieces, and took it home. We, being the poor pastor's family, got some of that meat.

            Now, if you come across it on the road I don't reckon you should eat it, but if it's freshly killed? Fair game. (*cymbal crash* "Thank you, I'll be here all week!")

      2. Oh I just had a real idea. I'm from the south. Put a pig in the ground! It will be authentic and great.

        In case you haven't figured it out... putting a pig in the ground refers to digging a pit and starting a fire. A big fire and let it die down to coals. Cover the coals with dirt or rocks and dirt. Put a whole pig wrapped in aluminum foil on top of the dirt. Cover the whole thing with more dirt. If you want to do it a little quicker, you could build another fire on top. It doesn't have to be a huge pig and you might want to oil and season the skin so it gets crisp.

        I haven't done it a lot but you should probably be able to look up the finer techniques. I am serious about this. No one will forget the pig they ate.

        1. Hunting trips to Wyoming, Utah and Colorado provide us with great opportunities for redneck cookouts. If we can shoot a few squirrels it's squirrel stew and if we score a deer or elk I will sometimes use portions of it for camp meat. Just make sure you have a good cast iron dutch oven, some bacon, beans, flour, salt, water and a cast iron frying pan. Oh, yea, a bottle of good quality whiskey is needed for the gravy.

          1. Moon Pies washed down with Mt. Dew?

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              Moon Pies, Nehi orange soda, Pepsi with peanuts and pork rinds. That's some good eatin'. I'm serious.

            2. Not sure if it exactly meets the redneck theme, but check out Ernest Mickler's "White Trash Cooking". Includes recipes for squirrel,rabbit, gator tail, cooter, among other more conventional dishes. Here's a couple of links: to the book on google books, and purchasing it from Amazon:



              1. Pork rinds topped with Louisiana Hot Sauce is redneck heaven. And then there's Slim Jims--redneck necessity. My old uncle Clarence (RIP) used to make pickled boiled eggs. Never had the guts to try 'em, but I suspect they'd qualify as redneck food. And fried chicken gizzards, it goes without saying.

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                  Pickled eggs are bar food in New England as well, and quite tasty, if not just a wee bit rubbery. A little beet juice in the pickling brine brings a splash of color to the party.

                  The eggs are sometimes referred to as a "boneless chicken dinner." New England rednecks have a keen sense of humor.

                  1. re: bushwickgirl

                    High time to revive Hee Haw and set in in Vermont.

                    PS--Uncle Clarence also used to make persimmon wine. Back in those days I was far too young to drink it; I'll never know what I missed. A jar of it exploded in one of my grandma's cabinets.

                    1. re: Perilagu Khan

                      Thanks for all the tips, links etc. I will definitely use some of the sides suggested (how could I have overlooked a huge jello mold filled with multicoloured marshmallows, lol)

                      I think I'll probably do some pigs feet for the main but I would love to do some actual "game" as well. Does anyone know of any links where I can buy possum, squirrel, or any type of "varmint" online?

                      Thanks again

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                        rabbit is about the only thing i've seen.... other than one website which claims to sell dehydrated squirrel.... but then admits its a joke at the ordering page.

                        1. re: Firegoat

                          That's funny, I found the same website. As well as another one that contained links to different police departments in the states which you could call to get on the list of people contacted when a deer was hit by a car. Unfortunately no links in Canada.

                2. The Country Store in Floyd, VA ( http://www.floydcountrystore.com ) has canned creamed possum on their shelves. Don't see it offered in their online store but if you contacted them I'm sure they'd send you a can. Never had an urge myself, but there ya go!

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                  1. re: morwen

                    So my final menu looks something like this. Thanks again for the help. Any comments, changes etc are welcome.

                    Ambrosia Salad

                    Baked beans with Weiner Octopuses and Bacon Cheese Turtleburgers (see pic)

                    Boiled Pigs Feet

                    "Meat" braised in Jack Daniels and RC Cola (hopefully i can find an interesting protein like possum, squirrel or coon...if not, prob venison or something similar)

                    Jello Mold

                    Twinkie Pie (Basically layers of twinkies and vanilla pudding)

                    Before anyone corrects me, think about whether or not a redneck would know the word Octopodi... :)

                    1. re: downtownfoodie

                      Octopodi? The plural for octopus is octopi, but octopodi or octopuses would work for a redneck crowd for sure.;))

                      The menu looks good, especially the weiner/cheeseburger dish. I'd eat that myself.

                      1. re: bushwickgirl

                        Sorry, typo...too much time on redneck cooking websites :)

                        1. re: bushwickgirl

                          I made pigs feet last week so I'd eat them...

                        2. re: downtownfoodie

                          I made a twinkie wedding cake(groom's cake) for the rehearsal dinner filled with twinkie tiramisu. It was pretty good. The recipe was from Disney World.

                      2. Sorry, I've got to add to this some of the things I've experienced.
                        Saltines with aerosol cheese with half a canned vienna sausage on top.
                        Cold flour tortilla, slice of Bar-S bologna and cheap mustard rolled up.
                        Now if you are having a formal PWT redneck event you self cater, "A whole bunch of big 'ol bags of Macdonalds"

                        1. My wife and I hosted a "white trash party" for some folks years ago and put out a spread of vienna sausage, potted meat, pork rinds, moon pies, RC colas, sardines, soda crackers, etc

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                            add to that:
                            pour a can of chili into a bag of fritos and nuke it in the microwave.
                            Watermelon wine
                            any roast and insist that it is road kill possum
                            Fried pork rinds or pig ears
                            a big pot of pinto beans with salt pork and a lot of corn bread (that's good eating by the way)