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Apr 14, 2010 05:22 PM

Any good organic grocer in the East side Vancouver?

I've been spoiled with Choices, Whole Foods and other grocers in the West side. Now that I'm on the East Side, I don't find many stores that carry a good selection of FRESH organic produce and grocery. I've checked Donald's but I find the produces too wilty and not as fresh.

I don't care to go to Famous Food as I find their produce equally less fresh. I haven't checked commercial drive lately and hope that they have very fresh produce.

I have to wait until June before I get my first organic grocery box from a co-op. This is too long to wait and it's not year round. The Farmer's Market is an option but limited to certain days of which I have to work.

I haven't checked Burnaby and that would be an option if they have a good variety of fresh organic produce.

Your suggestion is very welcomed.

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  1. Have you tried Drive Organics? 1045 Commercial Drive

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    1. re: squirrelofsnooze

      That would be my choice too....and the soon-to-be weekly farmers' market.

      There really isn't a great organic place in the Eastside. Certainly nothing that can even remotely compare to a place like Choices, let alone Wholefoods.

      1. re: fmed

        And that's the whole charm of the east side if you ask me. No curated collections of perfect vegetables under perfect light (don't get me wrong, I love Whole Foods) but instead you have to search for the quality foods. When the farmers market gets back up and running, that will be by far your best bet.

    2. There are two CHOICES in Burnaby, one near Edmonds Station and the other a little bit more NE:

      Famous Foods' veggies and fruits leave much to be desired. I only go there for their meats.

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      1. re: LotusRapper

        Commercial Drive is great for food! Wandering around the Drive searching out good things beats a Burnaby strip mall any day. And there's also another smaller organic produce shop on the same block as Drive Organics.

        I've never been to Famous Foods. Do they carry organic meats?

        1. re: squirrelofsnooze

          Famous does carry organic meats. And I agree about the Drive being great for food shopping. I live right in the neighbourhood and I don't usually have to stray too far for anything.

          1. re: squirrelofsnooze

            Famous Foods has a selection of med-free chicken, turkey, beef, buffalo (ground) and pork. Quantities aren't big, and best selections are earlier in the day. But at least they have a butcher on duty so anything you want that you don't see, at least you can inquire.

        2. Wow, there really isn't anything that great here except the Farmer's Market. Guess I'll be trekking it out to the Westside. I'm not for the pretty lights or fancy shelvings, just looking for non-wilted fresh organic produce in a clean store. I'll check out the Drive but when I checked last year I was not impressed.

          Thanks for all your input.

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          1. re: maxmillan

            The veggies do get better through the spring. Check the usual places again in a few weeks. Places like Whole Foods get their organic produce from California, and points south - places with extended growing seasons. The places on the Drive tend to get much of their products locally, so freshness varies with the time of the year. (It's tough to compete against Big Organic.)

            1. re: fmed

              Big Organic also means larger carbon footprints (dang I just said the "C" word, didn't I ?)

              1. re: fmed

                Thanks fmed. Not saying maxmillan buys blindly, but a lot of people buy organic produce because it's organic. Those pretty and "fresh" organic apples from New Zealand during our winter season are overall likely higher impact than local conventional apples that have been cellared.

                Anyways, just a pet peeve of mine.

            2. I'm glad to see people here are conscientious about the carbon footprint. My priority is eating non chemical laced food as much as possible. The second important thing is the carbon footprint. But these two are interchangeable. depending on the circumstances. I have chosen to buy my CSA food box from Home Grow-In because she sources everything from local farmers and everything is organic. Many CSA's are partially local and I don't appreciate getting organic tomatoes from Mexico in the winter. UBC is another great place that sells everything from their farm but they run a lottery for their limited number of CSA boxes and driving all the way out there is a waste of gas (unless I'm bussing or biking.)

              I'll check commercial drive when crops are more bountiful and I definitely will visit the Farmer's Market.

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              1. re: maxmillan

                This URL is interesting:
                It's from FarmFolk/CityFolk.

                Of note are the docs on:
                produce in season in Vancouver ;
                organic delivery ;
                local CSA

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