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Apr 14, 2010 02:38 PM

Bavarian Brathaus Durham -- Any Details?

Bavarian Brathaus is moving (has moved?) into the old O'Charley's by South Square. Does anyone know if it's open or when it's opening? Has anyone been there or seen a menu?

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  1. Oh wow - more German food in Durham!

    1. I remember seeing their menu when they were in Cary. Wasn't sure if it was a move or a 2nd location. More visibility at the South Sq. area and may give Ale House some competition. HOpe the food is good.

      1. Hmm, I've come to believe that location is jinxed - there have been several different restaurants in there since we moved to NC and they've all failed. If the prices are as high in the Durham location as they are in Cary, things might not go so well for this place either ...

        1. Not open yet. I drove by this afternoon. The sign on the door said opening soon.

          1. According to today's Herald Sun, they are now open for dinner Mon-Wed and lunch + dinner Thursday-Saturday. Sundays noon-8:30.