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Bavarian Brathaus Durham -- Any Details?

Bavarian Brathaus is moving (has moved?) into the old O'Charley's by South Square. Does anyone know if it's open or when it's opening? Has anyone been there or seen a menu?

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  1. Oh wow - more German food in Durham!

    1. I remember seeing their menu when they were in Cary. Wasn't sure if it was a move or a 2nd location. More visibility at the South Sq. area and may give Ale House some competition. HOpe the food is good.

      1. Hmm, I've come to believe that location is jinxed - there have been several different restaurants in there since we moved to NC and they've all failed. If the prices are as high in the Durham location as they are in Cary, things might not go so well for this place either ...

        1. Not open yet. I drove by this afternoon. The sign on the door said opening soon.

          1. According to today's Herald Sun, they are now open for dinner Mon-Wed and lunch + dinner Thursday-Saturday. Sundays noon-8:30.

            1. My boyfriend and I went the Bavarian Brathaus in Durham Saturday night, and it was truly an awful experience... The service was extremely poor, and the food did not make up for it. We both ordered wursts, which were all completely devoid of moisture - it was like eating tasteless cardboard. The rest of the meal was not much better - the sauerkraut was also moisture-free, and the one or two spoonfuls of potato salad were virtually flavorless. Maybe these are growing pains, but we have no plans to return anytime soon to find out if they have matured into a decent restaurant...

              Bavarian Brathaus
              1907 Bragg St, Sanford, NC 27330

              1. I haven't been there, but I saw the building and found their menu online. It appears to be specific to the Durham location: http://bavarianbrathaus.info/

                1. If I was going to use one word to describe it, it would be yucky.

                  Didn't like the mashed potatoes, the sauerkraut, the german potato salad, the pretzel roll, the smell of the bar and bathroom.

                  OK: the overcooked brats

                  sadly delicious, but not really: rolls, tomato salad with vinaigrette. spatzle that were like gummy french fries...but greasier.

                  I won't be going back...

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                    What did the bar and the bathroom smell like?

                  2. We just ate here tonight and I'm sorry to say I would have to second fudluver1 and emmeya's assessments. I saw that red cabbage comes as a side to most of the meals and I was expecting a nice braised red cabbage but what you get is something that looks like cranberry jelly and is about as sweet. The brats were mushy and the sauerkraut tasted very fatty. And the bathroom did smell bad! Granted I have never been to Germany so perhaps this is authentic but if so I am not a fan.

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                      Well, I've been to Germany a gzillion times and no, that doesn't sound authentic, unless it's a crappy place, which is what this sounds like.

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                        Well I spent three weeks in Germany (Berlin, Munich and Baumberg) and can honestly say I am not a fan of German food. As far as whether or not it is authentic......kind of based on my experince in Germany. I had the Yeagermister snitzel and it was pretty good. My boyfriend ordered rabbit and braut in tomato sauce. My GOD what was he thinking???? German food and tomatoe sauce scares the crap out of me ;-) Stick to the snitzel and they do have awesome beers. I do agree they are overpriced.

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                        Never been to the Brathaus but I have been to Germany. No, what you described is not what you'll find in Germany and is not what you should expect from a wursthaus either here or anywhere else. And there's no good reason for the bathrooms to consistently smell bad unless they're not being cleaned on a regular basis.

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                          There is something fishy about this place. When they opened in Cary there were stories of lines out the door and how authentic everything was. I went to the Cary location about 6 months ago and it was awful. The famous brats were dry as can be and the spatzle was questionable. I don't get the authentic comments. Go try a sausage at Betski's to compare.

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                            I agree about Betski's; they are very good, especially in comparison to this place.