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I need a pig roaster near Lexington / Lewisburg VA for a wedding at Douthat State Park

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Hi, I am looking for recommendations. I am getting married at Douthat State Park near Lexington, VA and would like to have a Southern BBQ reception for around 75 people. Any suggestions on good / reliable / delicious catering options in the area? I would like to do a pig roast and then have all the fixin's. Good Southern style BBQ. Any suggestions would be appreciated, we are coming from out of town. Thanks!

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  1. It might help to know when you need It. Do you have a date selected?

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      Oh Yeah! The wedding is October 2nd, 2010. Any help would be great, Thanks!

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        I have a pig roaster. Send me an e-mail to: titan76@cox.net

    2. If your not married yet check out Hogback Mtn BBQ in the Lexington area, they will come to Douthat State Park and have real good barbeque.