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Apr 14, 2010 12:33 PM

Recs for Summer trip

Hello all,

I am planning a mid July trip to your city(s) to get away from the Texas heat for a few days. I have done some research but would like some opinions, I have read thru several pages and got some good advice so far.

My plans are for Friday check out the Mall of America and then to Dinkytown, I am younger and in to that kind of scene. Saturday around downtown then take in a Twins game that night and out Sunday. Prices seem to be more in my range to stay South around the mall or near airport and perhaps ride the rail and/or cab from there???? I have no problems with cabs as long as they are easy to get.

I saw many places from DDD that look interesting and am definitely more into the pub/hole in the wall for food and would appreciate any recs on food and bars with a vibe that is laid back. I live in Dallas so I am flooded with average high priced restaurants so not looking for that end of the spectrum, plus this trip is just myself.

I appreciate the help in advance.

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  1. If you are going to stay down in Bloomington you will probably want to be at one of the hotels surrounding/ within walking distance of the MOA, so you can easily catch the light rail into town.
    I'd consider stopping at Minnehaha Falls Park using the light rail and going to Sea Salt for lunch. It's a nice park, just try to go off peak for Sea Salt if you can.

    1. Any implied savings from trying to eat cheaper will be demolished by taking a cab from Bloomington into town repeatedly.

      Get your Twins tickets now, they are going fast.

      The Triple Rock Social Club is dive-y, punky, and has good food, especially if you're veg / vegan. Are you looking for a particular kind of scene, food, etc?

      Triple Rock
      629 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

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      1. re: semanticantics

        Food type doesn't matter at all, something with local flare obviously. The scene younger, local flare. Open for any suggestions, just looking for any suggestions, I'll pull their web site and figure it out from there. Sounds like the MOA area might not be the most sensable area to stay.

        Thanks again.

        1. re: head

          The MOA isn't a great base of operations. It's worth a day trip if you want to see it. I'd think you could find a good deal on a room near the U (Dinkytown) in mid-summer during off-peak season.

          The Bulldog and Grumpy's are two more cool bars with good food.

          Can you give any info on budget, favorite cuisines, etc.?

          1. re: semanticantics

            Any food is fine besides bbq or Mexican, since that is everywhere around here. Budget doesn't really matter but it's just me traveling and I like real laid back casual places where I can sit at the bar and people watch and enjoy some beer(s) without getting stared at because I am by myself.

            I appreciate the help so far.

            1. re: head

              Twin Cities have a really nice Vietnamese food presence. Check the Ethnic Food thread for ideas.

        2. re: semanticantics

          You can take the light rail from the MOA to Triple Rock Social Club, to downtown MPLS, and to the Twins Games. To There's a lot of excitement about the food at Twins games, lately, as the Twins have contracted a bunch of local restaurants to serve food at the games.


          Triple Rock
          629 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

          1. re: The Dairy Queen

            All this twins food talk is weird,(in local media) in only two games wow, it just goes to show how bad the dome food was, most of the food at target is OK but to hype it as any thing more than OK is not the same as a recommendation for a good hole in the wall restaurant . sorry DQ

            1. re: cookkevin

              Actually, there have been more opportunities than just two to try the food at the Twins games because there was food at the pre-season games, too. (And the Twins did a special preview of the food specifically for the media, apparently, although, I don't count that because who cares what the foods like during the dog and pony show they do for the press, right?)

              And normally, of course, I wouldn't bring up food at the Twins game except that the OP specifically mentioned s/he want to go to a Twins game. Seemed relevant to me under those circumstances.

              At least one or two of my favorite "hole in the wall" places are apparently represented at the stadium, such as Kramarczuk's for sausages. Don't know how good they are at the Twin's games vs. at Kramarczuk's directly (I can't imagine the food's going to be as good in a stadium as the real deal), but it seems like a better option than a Hormel hot dog. And if you're going to be at a Twins Game anyway...


              1. re: The Dairy Queen

                here's a heavy table article on the new twin's stadium food & bev


        3. Focusing on your laid back/pub/hole-in-the-wall request: Stub & Herb's, Kitty Kat Club, Town Hall Brewery in the Dinkytown/campus area. Bulldog NE and Whitey's Saloon across the street in Northeast Minneapolis. Grumpy's Bar on Washington, The Ugly Mug (on weeknights) and Eli's Food & Cocktails downtown. The Herkimer, Liquor Lyle's, and Mortimer's in Uptown.

          Stub & Herb's
          227 Oak St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

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          1. re: girl_friday

            Thanks girl friday and everyone else, I really appreciate the recs. Keep them coming!

            1. re: girl_friday

              I'm heading to Eli's tonight before the Twins game, pretty excited about it as I'd never heard of it, but looks to have slightly upscale takes on regular bar food.

              The Bulldog has tater tots you can get with white truffle oil. I haven't had them yet, but it's on my list.

            2. i'm with the folks who say to stay in dinkytown. you can walk to pubs and other attractions, or just hang out in the 'hood in the evenings and not worry about cabfare. take the light rail out to the moa for a day, if you must. get a smoothie and skip the food at the moa. no offense to its denizens, but i'd think that bloomington would be a dead boring place for a hip young thing to find her/himself when the sun goes down. :)

              wake up early one morning and get breakfast at al's diner. it's worth it, even if you're hung over. actually it's worth it *especially* if you're hung over. take a bus to NE and walk around st anthony main. cross the stone arch bridge over the mississippi, go check out the view from the guthrie (i rec the octopus plate at sea change for a snack), or go a few blocks over to grumpy's for some local brews and decent bar food. if you like to bike you can maybe rent a bike (cheap) and get around town better-- minneapolis is the nation's #1 bike-friendly town (eat our dust, portland!!! **just kidding**), and the twin cities are small enough that you can zip around pretty well, especially if you use some of the on/off campus trails. if you do this, don't miss a ride around the uptown lakes (lots of pretty people-watching). grab an eat street bahn mi sandwich or a bubble tea on your way, and hit the beach!