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Apr 14, 2010 12:29 PM

What recipes do you make at least once a month?

I want to find some new standby recipes- the ones that you always come back to because they're so delicious and probably reasonably easy, fast and foolproof, and that your good friends have eaten a dozen times. If they're from a book or website, please post the name of the source, if they're family recipes or your own invention, it'd be great if you can post them here ( and link to them.

So, to get it started, here are mine:
- Judy Hesser's Baked Fried Chicken from "Cooking for Mr. Latte" by Amanda Hesser
- Braised Pork Shoulder with Onions, Cider & Stout
- Olive Pasta
- Steak Slice with Lemon & Thyme from "Nigella Express" by Nigella Lawson
- Zucchini and Spinach Soup from Bon Apetit Plum Cake
- Braised chicken with olives & prunes from "All About Braising" by Molly Stevens
- Black Bean Chili (from Greens Restaurant) from "The Gourmet Cookbook" edited by Ruth Reichl
- Swedish Pancakes
- Plum Cake

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  1. I try to avoid making the same recipe twice a year, so coming up with a response to your question was difficult. I recently discovered and was able to perfect Tamagos. I do prepare them on a regular basis, perhaps once a month for breakfast, lunch or dinner, using a variety of accompaniments. I sometimes prepare them with a side of portabella mushrooms, other times with cheese/rice balls or sauteed shrimp or a deep fried cod. Sorry, no recipe per se. Just a method of preparing a light and appetizing dish.

    1. I also, like todao, don't make the same thing twice in at least a year, except chocolate cake, which I make at least twice a month. I love and eat pasta frequently, but prepare it differently every time.

      Your plum cake link recipe is nice and simple; add some streusel (walnuts, brown sugar, butter, cinnamon) to the top of the cake before baking, instead of the cinnamon sugar.

      1. I have two little boys (and one big boy - I'm married to him!) with a sweet tooth, so french toast casserole is a steady semi-monthly favorite in my house.

        1. Gumbo & breakfast for dinner are two things I make at least once a month, the breakfast several times just because it's easy

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            Wow, would my DH love to be at your house once a month for gumbo!!! I'm still promising to make it for him one day, I just know it won't compare to his favorite old Memphis dive.

            I guess I too, don't like to make the same things often, but we regularly roast whole chicken or chicken parts at least once a month. With roasted potatoes & vegetables.

            I also adore Tex-Mex, and often make fajitas with b/s chicken breasts. And Rib Eye or NY Steak on the grill.

            1. re: Phurstluv

              I make a lot of gumbo because everybody asks for it, my doctor, the bank tellers, etc. (lol). Make the gumbo for your husband anyway, it doesn't have to be like his favorite spot but I'm sure it'll still be good.

              I wish I liked steak like most people; I eat it but in very small amounts like a sandwich or stir fry. I've only ever ordered steak once in a restaurant. I'd rather have pork or chicken but I will cook it for other people. My girlfriend, who dont eat beef, refers to it as "dead cow"

              1. re: Cherylptw

                I've never made gumbo--think I'll try it this weekend. Does anyone have a favorite recipe they can post the link to? My DH is a (former) southern boy and I know he'll love it, if I can make it well!

                1. re: Tante

                  Do a search on the home cooking board, there are lots of recipes, I collected the thread when I was looking for everyone's input on how to make it.

                  Cheryl, you're right, I should do it anyway. I just know it's one of those dishes that takes a lots of time, tinkering with, etc.

                  1. re: Phurstluv

                    Thanks, I'll search there. (New to this board and enjoying all the recipes and meal ideas!)

          2. I make stir fry regularly but I don't really follow a recipe. I just gather whatever sauces or vegetables I have on hand. It is a great way to prevent anything from going bad in the fridge since I hate waste!