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Apr 14, 2010 11:49 AM

Where in Toronto to buy refrigerator water filter replacements?

I suspect the prices will all be fairly similar, but before I start checking around, does anyone have any suggestions of a good or discounted place to buy replacement filters for my Whirlpool fridge's built-in water system? TIA.

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  1. I get mine at a place on Caledonia N. of Lawrence -- can't remember the name, but it's near the North end, almost at Orfus Rd., on the right.

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      You are thinking of Reliable Parts. They have a few locations besides the one you shop at.

      To minimise the need to buy these expensive, low capacity filters, I installed an inline filter in the line going to my referigerator. Then most of the filtering is taken care of by the bigger inline filter. GE makes filters which you can use, you can get them at Home Depot and other locations.

    2. The "Maytag Store" at the corner of Eglinton E and Brentcliffe that carries these, IIRC they are around 65 bucks each

      1. I have bought them at "appliance parts" stores - look in the yellow pages for one close to you.

        However, since then I found a real good price on EBay of all places, from a vendor in GTA. I can't find the receipt but you should find her if you search Ebay Canadian vendors for the Frigidaire part number. Even with the shipping I saved if memory serves about $8. The filter arrived at my doorstep in a couple of days and I will find her again the next time I need to replace it.

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        1. Like others have said, Reliable Parts. Serveral locations across the city.

          Reliable Parts also carries Barkeeper's Friend, I usually pick up a can when I go :)

          1. I buy mine online direct from Whirlpool. Some filters you can buy a two-pack of (and save on the shipping).