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Apr 14, 2010 11:33 AM

Butchers with package deals in Calgary?

Can anyone recommend butchers who do package deals, similar to these? http://horizonmeats.ca/packages.html

I'd never really looked into them before, but it might be a good way to save a few dollars and stock up at the same time.

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  1. Red Deer Lake Meats is located slightly south of Calgary and offers package deals.

    My hubby bought a few of their products to try out before committing to a package and he thought they were ok.

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      You can also try Balzac Meats. I know someone who gets their meat here and they say the quality and pricing is great.

    2. I'd think most of the independents would do a package deal even if it isn't advertised.

      CRMR offers bison and elk packages http://www.crmr.com/ranch/pdfs/CRM-Ra... we were regular customers before we moved.

        1. Check out Billy the Butcher (formerly Andys Meats) in Avineda mall. He has a bunch of different packages of different sizes and prices. We buy almost all of our meat from there

          1. Horizon Meats is also a very good butcher shop (in a weird location,) I'm curious why you're citing their deals and looking elsewhere?

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              Was looking online, found their site, it was the type of deal that I'm looking for, used it as an example.

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                spragg meats is advertising 1/2 a pig for $240 (i think) i noticed a sign at the market today. their meat is free range and all natural, great stuff!

                I have bought big bundles of bison from CRMR before and I know that Buffalo Horn Ranch has some package deals too!