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Apr 14, 2010 11:33 AM

Butchers with package deals in Calgary?

Can anyone recommend butchers who do package deals, similar to these?

I'd never really looked into them before, but it might be a good way to save a few dollars and stock up at the same time.

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  1. Red Deer Lake Meats is located slightly south of Calgary and offers package deals.

    My hubby bought a few of their products to try out before committing to a package and he thought they were ok.

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    1. re: Booques

      You can also try Balzac Meats. I know someone who gets their meat here and they say the quality and pricing is great.

    2. I'd think most of the independents would do a package deal even if it isn't advertised.

      CRMR offers bison and elk packages we were regular customers before we moved.

        1. Check out Billy the Butcher (formerly Andys Meats) in Avineda mall. He has a bunch of different packages of different sizes and prices. We buy almost all of our meat from there

          1. Horizon Meats is also a very good butcher shop (in a weird location,) I'm curious why you're citing their deals and looking elsewhere?

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              Was looking online, found their site, it was the type of deal that I'm looking for, used it as an example.

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                spragg meats is advertising 1/2 a pig for $240 (i think) i noticed a sign at the market today. their meat is free range and all natural, great stuff!

                I have bought big bundles of bison from CRMR before and I know that Buffalo Horn Ranch has some package deals too!