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Apr 14, 2010 10:28 AM

Room with a view

I am interested in knowing what restuarants in this area have a view. For starters, I include Z Tejas at the Arboreteum, Roaring Fork on Stonelake, of course, The Oasis and for me, the patio at Trio where you have a pleasant outdoor dining experience and have a prime viewing area to see the bats. Also, there is the hotel on Congress and Barton Springs, can't think of the name of it, but from the restuarant is a great view of the hills west of A. Any others, please? Thanks, J.

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  1. SkiShores (when it opens back up) is my favorite place with a view

    Cafe Blu and Iguana Grill at the lake

    Berry Hill On Loop 360 is a great place to watch the sunset

    1. County Line on the Hill has a nice view from the patio.

      1. There's a pleasant nighttime city view from Chinatown on Mopac.

        1. Red's Porch on South Lamar overlooking the greenbelt. Terrible parking situation though.

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            Agreed. Most excellent view of twin falls and a serious good burger