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Apr 14, 2010 10:24 AM

Fresh Tortillas??

Where can I buy the best corn and flour tortillas in the greater LA area...Hollywood/WeHo/Mid Wilshire/Westside?

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  1. You need to go east, not sure there are any commercial places that sell fresh. There are some restaurants that make them fresh but not sure if they would sell them. This is where I go


    1. Check Top Valu market in Mar Vista. They have high turnaround on tortillas and they carry local brands such as Diana's. If you want same-day fresh, that will be difficult to find on the Westside, but markets such as Top Valu do carry masa harina and masa preparada if you want to try to make your own. :-)

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        Just an FYI that I stepped into Top Valu today for a torta and they make their corn tortillas in-house.

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          Second Top Valu - great chips too.

          But only for that area - there are many more options once you get east of Western, along Pico and toward downtown. Found a few places just typing "tortilleria" onto Google maps, one of which I've been to and highly recommend (Expresion, 3301 W. Pico).

          Been curious about a large, possibly Latin supermarket on Adams west of La Brea (just so. of 10 Fwy.), maybe called "Ranch". Haven't been in yet, but that may be a closer option to mid-city. Anyone know anything about it?

        2. I buy the fresh made corn from Vallarta Market. The couple near me have their own presses. I even catch the press maker and aske for only 10-15 and not the 50 or so that's prepacked. Always warm and fresh. Blue, white and yellow corn tortillas.

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            Same here -- I get the freshly made, still hot in the package ones from Vallarta.

            Vallarta Restaurant
            563 W Ventura St, Fillmore, CA 93015

          2. There are literally hundreds of places that make 'fresh' tortillas but I'm coming to believe that most of their products are mediocre due to the masa used (made with corn flour/Maseca).

            I try to find yellow tortillas on the possibly erroneous assumption that they are made from ground nixtamalized corn kernels. I don't buy corn flour - are some brands yellow colored with no preservatives? TIA!

            My best homemade tortillas have been made with Diana's yellow masa (no preservatives per label).

            1. You want "fresh" or "handmade" tortillas?
              For the best "handmade" tortillas go to Los Cinco Puntos in East LA.
              3300 E Cesar E Chavez Ave
              Los Angeles, CA 90063
              (323) 261-4084

              You want good "fresh" machine made tortillas check out Superior Grocers...they make tortillas in most of their markets throughout the day.

              Cinco Puntos
              3300 E Cesar E Chavez Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90063