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Apr 14, 2010 09:22 AM

New in Chatham D'Oro

After the drama that was Danielle's/Bistro/Fuoco on Main Street, Chatham finally has a BYOB Italian on par with Semolina or La Cucina in Millburn. D'Oro just opened with some of the crew from DaVino in Berkeley Heights and it looks like a keeper. Had the veal milanese and they knocked it out of the park...light and crispy with just the right amount of dressing on the arugala.

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  1. food was good. not great. very crowded for first week. would go bacvk but not in rush.

    1. Okay, I'll bite... what was "the drama that was Danielle's/Bistro/Fuoco" all about? I work near there and had NO desire to try Fuoco--it was always empty!

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        Let's just say there were a lot of colorful personalities with quite a few different agendas hanging around the till.

      2. Went to D'Oro in Chatham. Food was very good, service was attentive, but NOT conducive or sensitive to kids at all. We have an 8 and 10 year old, both very well behaved, and there were few if any considerations given to kids. They did not have a kids menu but offered smaller sizes on the pasta. When one child ordered the spicy calamari sauce on the side of the pasta (he wasn't sure he'd like it), we were told that won't really work. Then when I asked for my veal chop to be wrapped up, they trimmed the meat off the bone and did not send it home with us. Some of the staff could not even understand our request for "butter" or "lemon". It was ok overall, but not great. I will not rush back. Gregorios, on the other hand, much better all around!

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          True...the one guy there speaks a strange brand of English, but I had the best...and I mean the BEST, gnocchi w/ bolognese there the other night. Gnocchi were ethereal, light with a perfect consistency, not the belly bombs most places serve up.

        2. Am considering going to D'oro this Tuesday night with a group of 6. Has anyone else been there recently?

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            This place is GREAT - chose this place for my wedding rehearsal dinner.....and finally ate their last weekend. Packed on a Saturday night, service was impeccable, every other table seemed to know one another. Nice local feel. Will let you all know how the party goes....

            1. re: heidemarie

              Still haven't made it, though it's just around the corner. Must put it on the list of places to try very soon.