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Apr 14, 2010 09:03 AM

How should I approach this issue?

A friend and I are going up to NYC to visit a friend next weekend and have a huuuuuuuge food itinerary all laid out, but there's one problem. The friend I'm going up with isn't into food at all, and the friend we're visiting is definitely a food guy but he's strapped for cash at the moment.

So my question is this: Is there a safe way you can suggest to meet some possible dining companions? Or perhaps this is the place? I'm not even sure if that's allowed on chowhound. If it's not then are there sites out there that would be more suited to my needs? I'm a (relatively) normal guy who just loves food and loves to try new cuisines and run my own food blog. I'm just looking for any pointers or links or... I don't know just a starting ground to maybe meet a few normal people to share good food and maybe build a relationship for future trips with. If this topic gets deleted then I'll understand that I have to look elsewhere.

Thanks for any advice.

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  1. If you post your email on your profile interested parties could contact you. You could also try

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      Didn't see a spot for it so I put it under my favorite cookbook :P

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        Good luck, I've met some super people through CH.

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        Good luck............and be careful.

      2. If you're interested in hosting a chowdown, the guidelines are here:

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          Ah great, thank you!

          Alright so moving ahead with the guidelines in mind. I'll try to make this post more constructive. I'll shoot out a list of potential places I was interested in hitting and then leave my email address and take it off of chowhound for the rest. Both Saturday and Sunday may be open for dining depending on what I plan on doing with my r/l friends.

          The list of places I'm interested in (but definitely isn't limited to) and specific dishes I'm interested in trying is:

          Momofuku Bakery & Milk Bar: Volcano, pork buns, salty pistachio caramel soft serve, other baked goods depending on whats available.

          Ba Xuyen or Banh Mi Saigon or Baoguette: banh mi

          Taim: Sabich.

          Shake Shack: Shack Stack and fluffernutter custard if we manage to go Friday. Although the pancakes and bacon flavor for Saturday sounds great as well.

          Tacos Xochimilco: Pambazo.

          Puebla Mini Market: Tortas.

          Otto: veggie antipasti, Spaghetti alla Carbonara, Olive Oil gelato.

          Lupa: Gnocchi & sausage, tartufo.

          Spotted Pig: Deviled eggs, burger, cubano, devils on horseback, gnudi.

          Torrisi Italian Specialties: 5 course prix fixe dinner.

          Xi'an Famous Foods: Cumin spiced lamb hand-pulled noodles.

          City Bakery: Pretzel croissant.

          Fette Sau: Meat.

          Fatty 'cue: more meat.

          Mofongo from somewhere. I'd really love to try some of the more unique ethnic foods available in the outer boroughs but I would need someone to hold my hand through most of those. Baked goods are always fun.

          Email me at purpledrag0n at hotmail

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            never been to that part of the country, but I hope you post back with an account of your trip- for so many reasons! Looking forward to the culinary, looking like a nosy neighbor regarding dining with strangers. Good luck! I mean that.

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              Some of those places are quick, take-out style, with limited seating.
              Try to post your specific idea on the regional board with a more obvious title (if you haven't done so already).

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                Great list, you need some pizza though ( get some at otto i guess).