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Apr 14, 2010 08:26 AM

Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza to open mid July in Carle Place, LI --HURRAY!!!

Get ready long islanders--my favorite pizza spot is opening on Old Country road across from Roosevelt field somewhere--in Carle Place mid July is estimated opening--am so excited..because this is my go to spot in Florida when visiting often--love love their pizza--it blows Grimaldi, and many of the boutique pizza places in Brooklyn off the map--they also, have the freshest simple salad, fantastic chicken wings with carmelized onions and rosemary cooked in the pizza oven--and great eggplant appetizer--simple menu, good fresh ingredients--started out as one spot in Ft. Laud and kept expanded, very popular in South Florida--and I've gone so far as to say I think it blows away most NY pizza I've had, especially Nick's in Forest Hills--I know it seems like a travesty to betray the NY pizza, but hey, they know what they're doing--just a heads up---I'll be the first at the door!!! It's also a cute place, decorated with retro photos, and prices are very reasonable in Florida, not sure if they will raise them to NY rates..hope not--because we really really need an affordable good place in that area of chain predictability....

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Web site says the address will be 135 Old Country Road. Carle Place people: Isn't there a Chipotle there?

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        is it in that shopping center, where stop and shop and pc richards is? Wasn't there a bombay company that went out over there? Wouldn't think that space would be big enough for them....there are so many vacant spots scattered around that area--actually just got back from costco this evening--had early dinner at hale and hearty, some very good mushroom tortellini soup--checked out that greek corner spot, got a menu--it's sort of a depressing atmosphere--what's good there? What's the story with the chocolate spot next door..never noticed this strip mall before....also, wondered about that Japanese seafood buffet spot in same strip plaza as Hale and Hearty--any good? Hopefully gardencity guy will respond..thanks.

        1. re: janie

          i work right next door to that area - yes bombay company was in there - and i believe there is something else between that - and the chipotle that had a sign "watch for action" for a long time...

          sadly there is another pizza place on the opposite side of that mall called louie's pizza - i guess he will lose some of that business

          that greek place is good - but yes very depressing
          the candy place is called

          and the japanese place is

          gets decent reviews - fresh sushi buffets...a@ $22 for lunch & $40 for dinner

          1. re: phunkykim

            thanks for the clarification--there is also another pizza place that has other LI location-- that opened recently, in the strip mall with carters and staples, on the far corner on glen cove road side--it has flags up, but it is so hard to spot, and dark looking from the street--and there is a small pizza spot in the strip mall next to TJmaxx--they are so overpriced though--their garlic knots are not so great and tiny and they're like $1 for 3!, their pizza is so-so--)-so it looks like there will be a few choices--but Anthony's is really in its own league, but it's not a slice joint, and those are still very needed. --how are the candies at Schwartz? their choc covered marsmallows look delish on their site---

          2. re: janie

            Greek Corner is awesome. Big really good Gyros, and the greek entrees are great too. I am not a fan of Minando the sushi buffet, if you want all you can sushi i really recommend driving out to Sushi Park in Commack. The fish just seems so much fresher there and the rolls are pretty good considering the circumstances. Your not going to mistake it for a great sushi place though.

            1. re: jpf1980

              Sushi park is horrible, the fish was practically frozen, the sushi rice was hard and unseasoned, the tuna was a light pink not the dark red it should be, cooked food was cold and tasteless except for maybe 1 or two things. I know this is anthony's pizza thread, but I had to reply.

              1. re: whynokey

                Not to continue this off topic, but I agree 100% Food was not good at all and the place had a depresssing feel the one time we went. While not a big sushi buffet fan (rather spend it on good fish in smaller quantities) I would go to Minado before I ever set foot in sushi park again.

                1. re: MrPhil

                  maybe sushi park has changed, i havn't been in there in prob 2 to 2.5 years. But I've been to both Sushi Park and Minando twice. From my trips there was no comparison. I've had bad tasting stuff at Minando. The sashimi is just piles of fish cut into various weird shapes and sizes like they were using the leftover crap for the sashimi, meanwhile at Sushi Park it was cut up nicely and tasted alright. The rolls I remember having at sushi park had some flavor to them. I can't say the same about Minando. To be fair, I havn't been to Minando in an even longer amount of time. Its not like like i am searching out this low quality sushi(compared to some of my favorite places, like Kumo in plainview)

                  Sushi Park
                  6137 Jericho Tpke, Commack, NY 11725

                  1. re: jpf1980

                    not to extend this even longer, but a big kumo fan (though rumblings in newsday about substandard fish recently)

                    To bing it back on topic, I wonder how this place compares to the other coal fired pizza places on LI, like Massa (or whatever it's called now) and Grimaldi's

                    1. re: MrPhil

                      it's more substantial than Grimaldi's--meaning they are more generous with the ingred on the pizza--the bottom is more charred than grimaldi and not as flimsy--or quite as thin--it is more filling than Grimaldi's but also not heavy or laden tasting--the dough is flavorful and not over salted either--also the sauce is great, not sweet at all---I don't care for Grimaldi's sauce--

                      980 Franklin Ave, Garden City, NY 11530

              2. re: jpf1980

                Got takeout just before they (Greek Corner) closed this evening, very good chicken souvlaki sandwich, huge portion, and very fresh---and spinach pie to go, also large portion and very good. Thanks for the heads up about this place---will head back to try some other things...

              3. re: janie

                Hale and Hearty is great. All fresh made each day. Much better then Panera.

                For Sushi, just go into GC and get Mumon or Jin East.

                Louie's Pizza in the same shopping center is good. Or go to Grimaldi's in GC, Scotto's behind the Source, or Mama Theresa's in GCP on Jericho Tpke.

                Greek Corner is good. Yummy Gyro in WP is good, too. Greek Town Grille was not great in CP (Westbury Rd), but I'll have to try again...just opened. Trodos on OCR across from Source looks very promising.

                Oh yes, Sugar in the Staples shopping center looks awesome with a top chef.


                1. re: GCGuy

                  Hi GC Guy, wasn't asking about Hale and Hearty (i eat there all the time--have the frequent flyer card there)--was asking about the Sushi place in the same strip mall..but see that most think it's not too good...been to Grimaldi's in Garden City, was unimpressed--as I said, Anthony's does not feel like a chain at all---it just expanded over Florida over several years--I will be there the day it opens and report back--What is good at yummy gyro, is that a place you can sit down at? or counter service?--
                  Also, was a Srip in Woodside on Mother's day, and it seems like their Williston place could use some more support during the weekday hours,--so please long islanders go, if you haven't been, it's the best Thai in all of NYC..and I think way beyond.

                  980 Franklin Ave, Garden City, NY 11530

            2. I'm not so sure about this. I currently live in Ft Lauderdale and am moving back to LI in a few months (can't wait for NY pizza again! especially Gino's in Williston Park!). Anthony's Coal Fire is pretty good for down here but, I really don't think it will beat out the other great local establishments, especially the thin crust specialty places like Grimaldi's and Eddie's. To me Anthony's just tastes burnt and I think they are really overpriced. I will say that for a chain the quality of ingredients is quite good. I do hope this place does well though, I hate to see empty shops and like to see people working!

              980 Franklin Ave, Garden City, NY 11530

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              1. re: nmurawsk

                people say they think Nick's in Forest Hills taste burnt--but I like their pizza--I like the flavor of Anthony's--but I do think some of the locations can differ a bit--I prefer the Aventura location best in Florida--I don't really think of it as a chain necessarily, though they have certainly rapidly expanded across florida--they only have another location in Delaware and PA that recently opened--so, guess we'll see if quality will suffer----

                I also really like the white pizza at Anthonys--as I am not eating tomatoes presently--get it with roasted peppers or mushrooms, or olives.... I also, think unlike some thin crust pizzas--Anthony's reheats pretty well when you get it to go, certainly better than Nick's---
                I'm not crazy about Grimaldi's, and the chicken wings with focaccio and the salad at Anthony's is much better than anything else Grimaldi's has on their menu.....and price wise, they are not any more expensive than them as well....

                1. re: janie

                  see that Anthony's just opened on Monday on their facebook page--way past their intended opening date that I was told during the summer...but glad to know they are there...will hit it up very soon and see if it's as good as it is in the way, the owner, Anthony grew up on LI, minutes from the location....

                  1. re: janie

                    Went to Anthony's last sunday for dinner around 7:30pm, place was fairly full but no wait at that time. Atmosphere is way too dark, and didn't like the way the tables were all set up railroad style--place lacked a certain warmth---much smaller than the Anthony's in Aventura Florida--on to the food...chicken wings were excellent, cooked perfectly, juicy and carmelized onions were nicely charred--good portion--small pizza, was fine but could have used more basil--and it seemed smaller than usual, --for some reason...eggplant appetizer, very good portion and excellent, really good on rosemary foccacio--white pizza with roasted red peppers...for some reason, way too heavy--i didn't remember it that heavy tasting...and it really irks me when places don't peel the skin of the roasted red peppers...that's just not good--it makes you choke. The white pizza was just too expensive, $18 for a small....
                    After some thought I think it's a better place to hit up for lunch with a little one in tow, because that way you can get salad for 1 or small personal pizza--and then chicken wings and eggplant..bit more economical that one...They really should have a kids menu there--maybe a few chicken wings, or a small pizza, something like that...

                    I can say the food was like it was in Florida, however the white pizza was better in Miami--I look foward to trying their sandwiches as they are tasty.
                    I think the prices in general for pizza at most places is was too high given the quantity of ingredients and ease of preparation--but, I guess if they can get away with it, they do it....

                    When we were there, they had been open 6 days, and I really thought that the manager should be visiting every table introducing himself, asking how people like it, etc...Since we had been there before in Fl it wasn't really an issue, however, they don't know that--and while the servers are new, I gotta say, nothing irritates me more than to see a hostess texting on her phone sitting at the entrance door looking bored. The staff should be more professional, and encouraging people to return, and giving away some things the first week...samples of things, least....not the warmest atmosphere in the contrast to their Aventura location in Fl which we've eaten at many many times (we have family that lives nearby) with very friendly and professional servers.

                    Let's hope this is just a growing period, but definitely check it out, because the food is good and fresh, and the wings are really something special.

              2. Went to Anthony's with my two kids (14 and 11) tonight. Buffalo Wild Wings had a half hour wait, so we were happy to try the new place.

                We seem to be on a pizza roll these days. After finally sampling the variety at Lincoln Lounge in Mt. Vernon, this was another great selection. In some ways, even better because I love food when it is slightly burned. What can I say, I loved the taste of carbon!

                Anthony's advertises it's pizza as "well done" and they are not kidding. The crust is super crunchy and a bit black, done to perfection that way. I love that they promote the pizza that way too. We had a small regular pie and a small one with meatballs -- perfect for the three of us. The sauce was great and there was nothing dull about it.

                The menu is not elaborate at all, as it should be.

                The fact that there were a number of empty tables made it easy to get served right away. Big screen TV's showing, what else, football.

                Here are my quibbles:

                1) Yes, as janie said, there should be a kids menu, although I'm not quite sure this is feasible. While the place is definitely family-friendly, it would be nice to to have one or two small items for kids to eat. There is nothing on the menu that one would consider "small."

                2) $15 for a small specialty pie seems a little steep, although you can easily feed two people on it. Then again, this is not your corner pizza place.

                Frankie & Fanucci's and Sam's in Mamaroneck have nothing on this place, folks. It is ABSOLUTELY worth trying pizza that has an aim, a goal and can really be spotted easily in a blind-fold taste. That crust is insane.

                The chicken wings they serve are not buffalo-style, so be forewarned. Have to try them another time.

                This pizza is definitely prepared differently than Lincoln Lounge, which is really old world thin-style pizza, and yes, very very good. I think this pizza may even edge out All Antica in Scarsdale. One thing I love about All Antica are the specialty slices with chicken or portobello mushroom. No slices at Anthony's.

                Lincoln Lounge
                209 Stevens Ave, Mount Vernon, NY 10550

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                1. re: PlasticMoonRain

                  i'm also a big fan of lincoln lounge and have to admit pepe's has improved, while i do like anthony's cfo, the dinner prices are way too high compared to the lunch time, it seems excessive to me that the exact same thing is almost double. that is also why i stopped going to johnnies, his prices and (not really his fault) his pies don't fill you -well they are very thin. as for all antica good and interesting toppings but really tasteless crust imho