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Apr 14, 2010 08:26 AM

Does anyone remember Fritz's Restaurant - Woodbury CT (Austrian)

I was curious if anyone remembers this incredible restaurant that used to be on the corner of Sherman Hill Road and Main Street South, just north of Carole Peck's and Carmen Anthony's. It closed back in the 90s, and I still cannot get my memories of their incredible Austrian food out of my head. I was going to ask on here if anyone knew the name of the chef and perhaps where he may be cooking now, but I found an old NYT article from 1993 where they named the chef owner as Gottfried Fritz Halbedl. I couldn't find anything about him when I googled his name, other than maybe he is now living in Boca or working for Royal Caribbean, but can't be sure it is him. Perhaps some foodies on here know if he ever opened anything new. I love Austrian food. I know; I know Clock Tower in Cheshire is on my list. This place was so sweet and the sauces incredible, many with a veal stock base--yummy. And the order-before-your-dinner homemade souffles.

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  1. Maybe to late to reply. I remember it well and had many a rasberry soufflee. Fritz would yodel in the kitchen. My mother had him do a complete easter dinner with all sides austrian style and dropped it at our house. New he reopenened in NY near White plains...that was 15 years ago.

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      Fritz Halbedl is again serving up delicious Austrian and German cuisine. He is now the owner/operator of the Derby Line Village Inn in Derby Line, Vermont. The Inn opened about two weeks ago and is situated in this picturesque community right on the Vermont/Quebec border.

    2. Hi Brenda,

      If it was in a little place, just around the corner from rt 6, with only a few tables, yes we do remember it. As I recall, there were two or three very good restaurants that inhabited that space, but none for too long, perhaps due to the very limited income to be generated given the number of tables. I'm thinking it was in the little building that was originally Deschino's Clothiers and subsequently a store, no?

      1. If you are still looking for Fritz's chef, I believe you are correct in his name. Just before he closed his restaurant he told my husband and I that he was taking a job as head chef for the Sheraton in Stamford. this is of course, years ago. He had a wife and 2 or 3 kids and the time demands on owning and cooking for the restaurant was a strain on the family.
        I still miss that place (his food) and I would travel a great distance to eat his cooking so.......if anyone knows where he is now. please tell!!!!!!!!!

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          I just saw him on a Royal Caribbean cruise line video talking about his Kimmelweck sandwich.

          While I don't know the original restaurant, I'm pretty sure it is the same person as the original poster mentioned the yodeling which is highlighted in this video.

        2. OMG! They are so lucky to have him. I wish I lived closer.