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Apr 14, 2010 07:59 AM

Endicott chow

Any great places to eat in Endicott? Spiedies, salt potatoes, etc?

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    1. re: scunge

      Yes! I think that's the place I just posted about. The town line between Endicott and Endwell is right in that area. I hope it's still open--it was so good.

    2. Endicott has a great Little Italy neighborhood. Granted, it's very small, but it has at least two very good restaurants. Joey's brick oven pizza is some of the best I've ever had. I live an hour away now and still sometimes drive down to pick up a pizza, or stop when I'm passing through. Across Oak Hill Avenue and down the hill a little is Consul's, a great Italian restaurant. Reasonable prices and very no-frills but made from scratch food.

      In Endwell, the next town over, there used to be a very good authentic Chinese restaurant. I can't remember the name of it, but if you're coming from Binghamton on 17C, it was on the right in a very tiny storefront, I think across the street from a Subway or another fast food place. Most dishes were served family-style, and it was nothing like the generic takeout you'd expect from what the place looks like from outside. I remember having some kind of whole fish there, shrimp with black bean sauce, several different kinds of greens, and a chicken dish that was moist, tender, and very well-seasoned.

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      1. re: writergeek313

        I second Consul's. Top quality dishes at very reasonable prices. Pan pizza is better than the grilled pizza. Veal entrees are much, much better than would be expected. The place was packed this past Saturday evening.

      2. Ah, get thee to Phil's Chicken House in Endicott -- an old-fashioned little place that serves an excellent version of BBQ, aka Cornell, chicken. I've heard their chicken & biscuits are excellent too.

        Phil's Chicken House
        1208 Union Center Maine Hwy, Endicott, NY 13760

        1. In Johnson City, Theo's has great wings (and presumably other stuff, we only had wings and corn bread). Sadly, my son is not going to Binghamton so my trips up to that area have stopped.

          BTW the last post on that page is wrong, they are no longer closed (they were for a short period of time).

          1. It has been awhile since I've visited, but the very humble Thai restaurant at the corner of North and Washington quite good.