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Apr 14, 2010 07:49 AM

Desperately need recipe from FIne Cooking December 2009

I have posted here before with success in this area. I am looking for a recipe from the December 2009 Fine Cooking. They did a series on gifts you could give from your kitchen and they included recipes that you could put together in a jar and then give. I need the lentil soup/stew recipe for assistants' day at my school. Can anyone help me with this? I made it already once, printed the recipe and then put it someplace so "safe" that I can't find it.

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  1. Not from "Fine Cooking" magazine but it may do the job for you:

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      OMG! I get so many magazines that I think I just had the wrong one! I remembered what the page looked like so knew it was not Bon Appetit. YOu just saved me! Thank You!

    2. I have the December 2009 issue in front of me and cannot find what you are seeking ( recipe for lentil soup/stew in a jar. Actually, the only time lentils are mentioned in this issue is a dish made with cold smoked salmon (Lentils and fennel salad with cold smoked salmon). Could it be another month? I'll search my library shelves and try to locate the Oct-Nov 2009 issue. Cross your fingers.

      1. I'm also looking for a recipe from either November or December 2009 but I can't remember the magazine.. it had a goose recipe and a beef recipe. I think it was all about holiday meals... but I'm looking for a mushroom sauce from it that had thyme in it and at the last minute it was finished with lemon juice. I can't think of any other cooking magazine that sells at the store counter ( that's where I found it), Any help would be appreciated!!