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Full service butcher in Baltimore?

So I just moved to Baltimore from Seattle and love it so far. The restaurants are awesome, the spring here kicks ass, etc. My big quandary these days is finding obscure animal parts for charcuterie. I'm talking about various offal, caul fat, duck fat, veal bones, lamb shoulder, unsalted fat back, calf feet, etc. I can occasionally find things here or there intermittently, but is there a butcher in town that would be willing to procure these? I've asked at places and they look at me like i'm crazy. I'd bring these guys cases of beer for the trouble! Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. You can buy most of those at HMart on Rt. 40. Treuths in the same area also might be able to help.

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      I've been to the Asian Market and H Mart. Pretty good with some things. I'm also looking for a carnicero too. They always seem to be willing to go the extra mile. Plus they are cheap!

    2. Not sure about in Baltimore itself, but Hemp's Meats near Frederick is amazing, and they source among the local farms.
      My friend ordered 20 lbs of marrow bones cut longitudinal from them recently.
      3740 Jefferson Pike
      Jefferson, Maryland 21755
      (301) 473-5700

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        Sweet. I'll have to check them out... I'll report back.

      2. Sorry, don't have a Baltimore recommendation but come on down to Naptown (Annapolis) and do all your butcher shopping at My Butcher and More . . . you can also grab a deeeelicious deli sandwich to sate you for your trip back north. Call Mike (My Butcher) ahead of time and he will make sure to have everything you want in stock. He is awesome (and I have NO self-interest in his business!).

        My Butcher and More
        1410 Forest Drive
        Annapolis, Md 21403

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          If you get no kickbacks from My Butcher, that is a glowing recommendation! I'd be willing to call in a big order and drive there. I haven't explored Annapolis yet either. Thanks!

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            Sadly, My Butcher and More is closed.

        2. The best I have found is Treuth's out in Catonsville--its near HMart so I just combine the two trips into one. I'd love to find one in downtown Baltimore though.

          1. I've had some luck with Ceriello's (sp?) in Belvedere Square. They got me 5 lbs of beef cheeks when I couldn't find them anywhere else in the city.

            But yes, any recommendations for a good carniceria would be appreciated.

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              I've been lucky at Ceriello's too. Do ask them for what you want. They keep some of the interesting things in the back. Also, they will order anything for you. If I want something interesting, I'll call a couple of days before I want to go over there.

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                Wonder if Ceriello's can order a few pounds of marrow bones??

            2. there's also Bowman's in Harford County

              1. Eddies in Roland Park is probably Baltimore's best known upscale butcher's with a terrific reputation and first rate meat, although Cierello is certainly a good competitor (but it just ain't a Baltimore institution like Eddies is).

                While Eddies will carry many of what you are looking for along with the traditional cuts of meat, for the more obscure meat and offal you may be better off checking the few remaining meat stalls left at the Lexington Market that cater to a soul food clientele.

                Lexington Market
                400 W Lexington St, Baltimore, MD 21201

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                  Eddies Roland Park will order any obscure cut of meat for you, on one or 2 days notice, without charging an arm and a leg. I have found Ciriello's to be inconsistent and very expensive (though their pulled pork is amazing for a white Maryland butcher)

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                    "amazing for a white Maryland butcher"


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                      I've tried all of the above and done reasonably well but often with great effort. FWIW, I had trouble getting caul fat (for a pate) and pig skin (for a cassoulet). One time, I went to a slaugherhouse - somewhere near Fredericks. I can't remember the name but I don't think it was Hemps.

                      In the end, I've relied on friends who have restaurants and can get these things in bulk and then pass along whatever I need. Although this works, I'd still rather have a good butcher whom I can deal with directly.

                      Please keep us posted about what you learn about the Baltimore butcher scene!