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Apr 14, 2010 06:13 AM

A Canucknucklehead in NOLA: Day 1 of 8

Finally something to add instead of just asking endless questions! We just made it to NOLA.

Arrived at Louis Armstrong International at 3:40 pm and on the way to the baggage claim spied the Acme Oyster outlet at the Food Court, when my luggage was safely in hand, the GF waited while I wandered in and ordered a half-&-half po-boy (shrimp and oyster). After a short Airport Shuttle ride to out hotel in the FQ the GF, myself and our po-boy were finally alone behind closed doors. The seafood was delicious with both the shrimp and oysters both being of a good size, plump and juicy despite their trip to the hotel. We both pronounced the fries amazing and the po-boy came with the 'dressing' on the side, though I settled for a few dashes of Tobasco instead of the rabbit food(The pickles were great!). The bread was dry on the inside and chewy on the out but since this was my first po-boy I reserve the right to judge it after comparing it to more later.

After a Hurricane(Which was pronounced admittedly good and damn dangerous) for the better half and a Sazerac(Rye makes me gag, seriously, but I really enjoyed the cocktail!!) at the Hotel bar we headed over to Frenchman Street to Yuki's Izakaya. This place was a MUST for me on this trip as Japanese cuisine is a big favourite of mine and reviews are scarce at best. We started with a glass of shochu for myself and a glass of the house plum wine for the GF and we ordered while the 3 piece live band set up. As the accordion, bass guitar and bass played French ditties she dined on potato krokke (Of which I had none and she immediately vowed to eat everyday), vegetable gyoza (She said they were ok, but she'd had better) and crab spring rolls (Overall a great flavor, though the crab did get lost after the first bite) and I sampled the grilled beef tongue (Amazing flavor, great texture with just the right amount of fat left on it) and a plate of the fried mini crabs (Different texture from deep fried prawn heads which I've had before but still very tasty and you get a lot!) I chased the last of the plate with a bottle of cold, unfiltered sake (LOVE the stuff).

We headed out into the night to try and find some munchies and hydration for the Hotel later and after getting turned around a few times finally gave in and asked for directions to Verti Mart which turns out is just around the corner. We laughed with joy as we hurriedly gathered up an armload of Hubig's pies (Apple, lemon, peach, pineapple, chocolate and coconut) and two bags of Zapp's chips (Cajun crawtator and voodoo flavors). We only tried the apple pie and are both considering having a case shipped home (The filling was amazing and the crust to die for!)

After 36 hours with almost no sleep we collapsed well sated and dreaming of time day 2 fellow Chowhounders . :)

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  1. This otta be lotsa fun...I'm pulling up a comfy chair.

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    1. Glad to see you're off to a great start. If you read this in time you might check out Wednesdays at the square (Lafayette square at 5) they have free live music and several vendors to get some NOLA food from.

      1. Thanks for the fun and detailed review. I'm intrigued that you visited an izakaya in New Orleans even though you're from BC--home of Vancouver--home of some really great izakayas.

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        1. re: luckywonton

          Sadly luckwonton I live on Vancouver Island and even finding a great sushi place is a challenge in and of itself. My work keeps me very busy and I never have the time to just pop over to Van. and drop by a bar, it's an hours drive to get to the 2-2.5 hour ferry ride just to get to Vancouver. So I'm trying to make up for that here! :)

        2. Besides Yuki's, did you try Horinoya on Poydras St?
          They have an exstensive, authentic menu, not
          a run of the mill place by far.

          And on Thursday evening at Little Tokyo on Carrollton, they have a shipment from Japan

          Horinoya Restaurant
          920 Poydras St, New Orleans, LA 70112

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          1. re: Suzy Wong

            Didn't get to either Suzy Wong, however the GF and I have pretty much decided that if at all possible NOLA will become a yearly vacation destination for us so there's always next year ;) Thanks for the suggestions!