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Apr 14, 2010 06:12 AM

Cocktail reception in London

I need to organize a cocktail reception in London next fall and wonder whether anyone can recommend a restaurant/hotel with room for about 30-40 for drinks and passed hors d'oeuvres. Centrally located might help, since some folks will be coming from outside of London.

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  1. Do you have a budget? This could be quite a big deciding factor!

    1. There are quite a few clubs in central London which would do this kind of thing well, but you would need a connection of some sort. I know that some NY clubs have reciprocal arrangements in London (New York Yacht Club, Knickerbocker etc.) if that helps.

      If this is in any way business related then the Institute of Directors might suit:

      1. I went to a very nice cocktail party/dinner at the Marriott hotel across near Westminister Bridge. It was an easy walk from Waterloo and the food and surroundings were elegant and quite nice.

        1. The Stafford Hotel in St James has many options for such an event, including their historic wine cellar.

          1. My partner and I had a party at Soho House for around the same number. You dont need to be a member to hire a room here. They sort everything out (food/drink, staff, flowers etc) and were very helpful.

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              Thanks for all your replies. I have no idea what these things cost in the UK, but here we are willing to spend for the higher end type of event. Perhaps you could let me know what I might expect. rblack, where is the Soho House? I get several listings when I do a search.

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                This might help:
                Soho House 21, located at 21 Old Compton Street, offers 3 floors of private hire space including the Cinema, Bar 19 / 21 and Dining Room 19 / 21. Soho House 21 is available to non-members.

                Located at 17 Old Compton Street, the House Basement is also available to non-members for private hire.

                Be it a wedding reception, Bar Mitzvah, awards ceremony or after party, whole House takeovers are available on Sundays, where up to 600 people can be catered for across the entire club.

                Contact Wilfred on 0207 292 0122 or for further details.

                Soho House 21
                21 Old Compton Street
                W1D 5JJ