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Apr 14, 2010 04:47 AM

4 nights in Vienna (Thurs-Mon) - where to make reservations?

Hubby and I are spending 4 nights in lovely Vienna - can't wait. I've been reviewing the other chow threads on Vienna and am trying to plan out our dinners (expect to lunch on the run). Based on Sturmi's recommendations in the other recent thread, I'm considering...

Thurs night - Rudi's Beisl (guessing I should call now for reservations in two weeks?)
Fri night - Konoba (I love the idea of Croation seafood. Mmmm)
Sat night - R. Sperl/Gmoakeller?
Sun night?? - We're going to the Musikverein for an evening concert... unsure what we might/should do.

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome. We aren't looking for Michelin-dining necessarily, but good, seasonal/fresh food. I do speak German (Hochdeutsch, though, not Austrian German) so I'm comfortable in non-tourist geared places. Unfortunately, on such a short trip I don't think we'll get further afield than Schoenbrunn or the Zentralfriedhof. Don't mind spending 100 euros or so for two for good food and wine.

Many thanks in advance!!!

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  1. I'll of course defer to Sturmi for the bulk of the recs (although you already know that I loved Sperl and Rudi's) but I would encourage you to do the Heuriger thing if you've never done it before. Maybe switch Sperl to lunch and head out to Stammersdorf for dinner and wine in the evening... Here's my gal's recap of the Heurigen we visted:

    1. Re Sat/Sunday nights:
      Restaurant Sperl is really out of the way of any tourists, so what you experience there is Vienna at its heart. Gmoakeller is similar but more trendy.

      Sunday nights are difficult because many of the restaurants are closed and the Musikverein is in an area with few real interesting places. Next door in the basement of the Künstlerhaus is a seafood place we like, which is offering fresh lobster and oysters (Lobsterdock), but this is nothing special, and anyway not good for visitors who want to sample Viennese cuisine.

      I would rather recommend to cross the Ringstrasse and go to one of the places in the inner city, such as Cafe Engländer (!!), Pfudl or Huth, or make a stroll along the Ringstrasse to the famous "Österreicher im MAK".

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      1. re: Sturmi

        I would choose Restaurant Sperl and Gmoakeller before Rudi's. I also like 3 Hacken better than Rudi's... have been to all of these recently. Tonight we are going to opening night for the season at Wieninger...

        Personally, I don't see the point in having seafood in Vienna if you only have a few nights. Better to eat local traditional specialties...

        1. re: Sturmi

          Thanks for all the replies. We've been watching the news wondering if our trip was even going to come to fruition (we're in the UK - supposed to fly Lufthansa out of Manchester) so I haven't been working on reservations that might never be used.

          It looks like things might possibly go forward, though. Thanks for the recommendations. To be honest, 1 or 2 nights of "traditional cuisine" is enough for me. We actually prefer modern to traditional cuisine, but like to mix it up on these weekend city breaks.

          We also knew Sunday night was going to be a challenge - but perhaps we'll try "Österreicher im MAK". It sounds like somewhere we'd enjoy.

          1. re: noaagirl

            What ended up happening? Were you able to go? The plane situation was insane.

            And gutsofsteel, how was your heuriger experience? Now that I'm back in Baltimore I need my vicarious yummies! I've been working on a lengthy trip report of my own.

            1. re: kukubura

              We literally found out Wednesday afternoon our Thursday flight was on - so it was a little insane for us. Our flights weren't even full, the airports weren't insane, so I count us as being super lucky.

              First night (Thurs) we hit Gmoakeller - I had Zwiebelrostbraten, hubs had Gulasch. Can't remember dessert (Apfelstrudel and something else). Good, solid food.

              Second night (Fri) we went to Pfudl. Began with Spargelcremesuppe, which was to.die.for. TO.DIE.FOR. I literally poured the very last drop into my spoon. Dinners were Pork medallions with hollandaise and spargel, hubs was tafelspitz. Very good. Dessert was topfenstrudel in vanilla custard... diabetic coma in a dish.

              Last night (Sat) we went to 3 Hacken. Dinner was the wild boar special for me, zwiebelrostbraten for him. The hubs zwiebelrostbraten was far superior to Gmoakeller's - super yummy sauce and nice touch pickle (that was so yummy). The wild boar special was also out of this world. Dessert was Mohr in Hemd... another diabetic coma in a dish. Favorite meal so far.

              Tonight I have no idea what we're going to do. We're both beat from three days of wall to wall sightseeing, but we're going to a concert at the Musikverein. Will we make it across the ringstrasse to have dinner afterwards? Who knows. Where will we go? Don't know. Can we spend 4 nights in Vienna and not have Wiener schnitzel... perhaps. I won't eat veal, so there's that.

              P.S. We're staying at The Ring, and have been so beat after a long day's touring that we haven't wanted to stray far afield... hence the preponderance of downtown locales.

              1. re: noaagirl

                Great to hear that you liked the traditional food, and yes, you were right to stay right in the city center.

                I am now a little bit late for any suggestions after the Musikverein, but how about returning to Pfudl, which is open Sunday evening ?
                Yes, their Wienerschnitzel is veal only, but you could eat their Backhendl (deep fried chicken) instead...

                1. re: noaagirl

                  There is pork schnitzel to be had in some restaurants....very good.