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Apr 14, 2010 01:05 AM

What does everyone munch with their coffee?

So I am looking for the best snack to have with my afternoon cup. Thus far I have been through all the normal cookies and cakes, but the thing that I have found that actually best compliments the flavor is dates. Curious as to what others enjoy ...

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  1. I like to have a high protein/fiber bar. It keeps me full until dinner.

    1. I agree about dates. Or other dried fruit, like figs.

      1. Biscotti :)

        Maple Shortbread

        Dark Chocolate

        Ice Cream... or Frozen Yogurt for a healthier go... or Yogurt -- honestly...

        My ex rubs lemon around the rim of his espresso cup and says it's lovely...

        ..and in case you feel like nuking a snack --

        1. there are these biscotti-like cookies that trader joe's sells called ALMONDINA.
          they are very thin and very hard.
          perfect for coffee

          1. Biscotti and scones. Grown-up treats 8>D