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Apr 14, 2010 12:47 AM

Oxo softworks vs. Oxo's other brands

What's the difference between Oxo softworks vs. Oxo's good grips line vs. Oxo's steeL line?

Sometimes, I hear good things about a certain Oxo product that's part of their good grips line. But, at the store, I can only find that Oxo product as part of their softworks line.

Is the only difference between the softworks vs good grips that the good grips have a different handle? Or, is there a more overall difference in quality and design as well?

Is OXo's steeL line supposed to be their most durable line?

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  1. Hi Hobbess,

    Thanks for your question. The truth is we introduced OXO SoftWorks primarily as a way for retailers to distinguish their product offerings. The biggest differences between them are 1) Good Grips has a larger assortment of products and 2) most often, there is a slight difference in styling (i.e. in the case of our POP Containers, Good Grips containers have a round button and SoftWorks containers have a square button).

    It’s very important to note that though slight variances might exist between product lines, all OXO tools meet the same functional requirements. Every product we introduce undergoes the same rigorous user testing, follows the same Universal Design principles, and adheres to the same strict standards of quality expected of any OXO product. For example, a Good Grips Salad Spinner is made (and works) just as well as a SoftWorks Salad Spinner. As a result, they are priced the same, even though they are found in different retail environments.

    As far as your question on the SteeL line, this was introduced to meet the unique aesthetic needs of consumers. This line features products made with Stainless Steel, but again follow the same principles as Good Grips and SoftWorks. The SteeL product assortment is smaller than that of the other lines.

    Hope that helps!

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      The OXO lines aren't as friendly as OXO suggests. I bought from Target the sponge wand for cleaning out bottles and such. After a relatively short use the top scrubber came off. I called their customer service to explain how it came apart. They said that they only last a couple of months. OK I get that if maybe you use it everyday. This was bought to clean out the pump coffee dispenser at work and had only been used about 4 times and not left sitting in water or the like. So, I inquired about what sort of glue could be used to reattach it. Of course that was propriortary (not to worry, it doesn't work well). I told her Target didn't have the refills. She said that Bed, Bath and Beyond did. Well, I finally got out to buy the refills, and guess what? OXO makes two wands that LOOK very similar. The Target one however, uses screw on replacement sponges that no one seems to sell. BB&B sells the wand that uses squeeze-on replacements. Of course I didn't know this when I bought the sponges. I had to tear the box to get the sponges out only to find that they weren't right. Now I have to plead with BB&B to take them back because the customer service rep told me to go there and buy them in the first place. Needless to say I called back OXO. Their response was that if BB&B wouldn't take them back, I could spend more money by mailing them to OXO and they would send me out the correct replacement heads. How about this OXO make two different designs for products that require different replacement parts. You can check out the comments on Amazon from people who had the same problem. They are also mad as hell. I will not be buying anymore OXO products.