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Apr 14, 2010 12:21 AM

Singapore - Abak Briyani Dam

Lunched at this little quiet restaurant which serves only ONE dish yesterday: Abak Briyani Dam at Jalan Pisang, off North Bridge Road in Kampong Glam, Singapore's Arab-Muslim Quarter.

Abak offers two types of briyani: mutton or chicken. Both come served with a little saucer of mutton-dhal curry gravy, which you can slather over the saffron-infused, tasty briyani rice, cooked using long-grain basmati rice and perfumed by the curried mutton or chicken during the steam-cooking process.

Both mutton and chicken are fall-off-the-bone tender, and the rice (unlike some briyani places in Singapore) are not oily, but light & fluffy.

All in all, IMHO, probably the 2nd best briyani place in Singapore (my fave is still Islamic restaurant a few hundred meters away on North Bridge Road). But many Singaporean diners seem to think Abak's #1 now. To each his/her own preference, I'd say.

One point to note: Abak opens at 11am daily - it's best to arrive around 12 noon or soon thereafter. They sometimes sell out very fast. When we were lunching there yesterday, they informed some customers that arrived around 1pm that the chicken briyani had sold out! They close by 2pm, or sooner once all the food is gone.

Abak Briyani Dam
10 Jalan Pisang (near Sultan Mosque)
Kampong Glam, Singapore
Tel: 62936202

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  1. The marinated lamb jerky & Ikan Bakar from the HJH Maimunah across the street are quite good as well.

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      Hjh Maimunah is definitely THE go-to place for Malay nasi padang. The Ikan Bakar, especially when drenched with kicap manis, is great on steamed rice.