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Apr 13, 2010 09:51 PM

Krug Room, Mandarin Hotel Hong Kong

Was wondering if anyone tried out the tasting menu (dunno if it is) here.
If so, how much is it? or any details you can share?


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  1. When it first opened, there was only the tasting menu, although they would personalise it for you. Now you no longer have to book out the whole room, you can just book places in it for round HK$2500 per head. There are various food options but you need to ask the mandarin for details.
    The room itself is good though, big window on to the kitchen and all the wood is from kug casks.

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      I tried the krug room last Christmas I'd say my experience (as well as my friends') was just so-so.

      For pictures and more information, you can go to for my personal review.