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Apr 13, 2010 09:48 PM

Phoenician Resort

You haven't steered me wrong yet, ChowHounders! I've enjoyed Cowboy Ciao, Caffe Boa, Thai Elephant, Cibo, Fry Bread House, and Pane Bianco all thanks to you and your awesome recommendations. Thank you. the hubby and I are staying the night at the Phoenician this Saturday (anniversary celebration), and I'd like any and all rec's at the resort or in the surrounding area (within 10 to 15 minutes away). I'm looking for breakfast, lunch, and dinner--anywhere from low to moderate in price (especially since the room is practically already costing us an arm and a leg). Thanks!

603 N. 5th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 850103

Pane Bianco
4404 N Central Ave Ste A, Phoenix, AZ 85012

Fry Bread House
802 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ

Thai Elephant
Phoenix AZ, Phoenix, AZ

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  1. At the Phoenician all the options are solid although expensive. With one exception you can do better elsewhere. I'd try J&G Steak at least for cocktails (if it were me I'd do the burger and beer combo in the lounge for dinner but hardly anniversary-ish). Great pre dinner views. Dinner would be FnB which is just minutes away in Old Town Scottsdale. For Sunday breakfast I'd drive to Over Easy at 40th Street just south of Indian School. Probably about 12-15 minutes. If you get there before 8am you should be ok. After that the wait gets longer and longer. This is a simple place (a converted Taco Bell, for heavens sake) but a great breakfast find. The weather is great right now so I'd look for outside dining for lunch. Maybe RnR or the Mission in Old Town or even the Vig next door to Over Easy. If you are flying in on Saturday and renting a car I'd do lunch at Carolina's (great cheap Mexican but closed on Sunday.

    Over Easy
    4730 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018

    7133 E Stetson Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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      Thanks Phoenix99! Wow, the J&G Steak burger and beer combo actually sound GREAT! That's our kinda style. I looked on their site, and who can beat a gourmet burger and a nice beer for $19??? While I'm not a big fan of Russian dressing (which is what the burger is made with), I'm more than happy to go outside my box and try it! Plus, considering the cost of the room, we don't want to spend all our time away from the resort--so it's nice that the J&G is right there on site.

      As for breakfast, we've actually been to the Over Easy before (due to Guy Fieri's visit), and we really liked it! Thanks for the reminder!

      And Carolina's? No one lives in the PHX without knowing the authentic goodness of Carolina's! Again, thanks for this reminder too.

      Now I'm going to look into the RnR, Mission, and the Vig...!

      Over Easy
      4730 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018

    2. Not completely relevant to OP's question, but FYI, the Sunday brunch at the Phoenician has downsized!! It's nowhere near as elaborate as it was last time I was there a few years ago, which was disappointing. The maitre'd cited the economy as the reason for the change.

      1. While I have not dined there yet, J-G Steakhouse has gotten two thumbs-down from some serious foodie friends. One writes cookbooks and appears on regional cooking shows, and her hubby is an avowed steak-hound. They did it twice, and said "never again."

        Now, they did not do the "burger & beer," on either trip.


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        1. re: Bill Hunt

          Okay, thanks Bill. While I'm totally sure that my palette is nowhere near that of a seasoned cookbook author (I'm pretty easy to impress), I'll take your post into consideration. And thanks for mentioning that they did not try the "burger & beer" special. Good to know so that if we do go to J & G, we'll keep to the b & b deal.

          1. re: flautachica

            I haven't heard any positive comments about the steaks at J&G but have heard repeatedly from people I trust that the play here is the lounge and the burger and beer deal is well worth it if only for the view, ambiance and service. Most thought the burger was very good but the entire package was excellent.

            1. re: Phoenix99

              I neither write cooks nor have I appeared on any cooking shows (regional or otherwise) but agree that J&G is underwhelming. I've been there twice and haven't been impressed either time. The best thing at the Phonecian is the chocolate-cherry bread. If you there on a Saturday, Vincent's on Camelback has a great market with extenisve food options.

        2. We usually stay at the Phoenician but J&G wasn't opened yet.
          I would dine with the burger and beer deal at J&G and enjoy the resort..
          I would head out to Carolina's for lunch and then back to the pool.
          We always get free breakfast coupons from the front desk..we just ask but can't say that is a guarantee.
          You could also head out to T. Cooks at the Royal Palms and have an excellent diinner with drinks at the piano bar this place and its down the street..shuttle could probably take you there.

          1. Okay, thanks everyone for your ideas/input/opinions--I appreciate it all!