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Apr 13, 2010 09:24 PM

Looking for best Indian, Italian in North End, and resto on Newbury St.!

Hi All,
I'll be visiting Boston next weekend, and would love to find a great Indian restaurant in the city (with a nice atmosphere as well), excellent Italian in the North End -also bakery suggestions are welcome, and excellent lunch spots on Newbury St. (open to all cuisines). Really love food, and really looking forward to exploring your gorgeous city. Thank you in advance!

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  1. here are some of my favorites, and chowhound-ish.

    my favorite indian in the city has to be india quality on commonwealth in kenmore square, hands down. their food is to die for, but note "medium" on their richter scale of heat is higher than most others. you've been warned. :)

    other options are punjabi dhabi in inman, but less T-accessible. IQ still my all time favorite.

    north end options:
    - antico forno for the best red sauce in the city.
    - while in the area, swing by neptune oyster (mm).
    - pizzeria regina is an institution, as well as mike's pastry (try the lobster tail if you're adventurous, it's all confection, promise) or modern pastry.

    lunch on newbury ... well, if the weather is nice, charlie's has a great outdoor seating space, and typical american fare. there's also sonsie, which is wonderful for people watching, and reasonable for lunch. parish cafe down by the common on the next street over, boylston is also great for lunch, with killer cocktails and really interesting sandwiches.

    enjoy your trip! happy eating!

    1. The worst red sauce I've had in the city was at Antico Forno. But I second the rec for Pizzeria Regina if pizza is what you want. Otherwise, my favorite moderately-priced place, which makes their own fresh pasta, is Vinoteca di Monica. The best spendy options are Prezza and Mamma Maria (more charming and formal).

      Vinoteca di Monica
      143 Richmond St., Boston, MA 02109

      24 Fleet St., Boston, MA 02113

      Antico Forno
      93 Salem Street, Boston, MA 02113

      Mamma Maria Restaurant
      3 North Sq, Boston, MA 02113

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      1. re: pollystyrene

        Agreed about Prezza, if you want excellent, it's hard to imagine anyplace better. Antico Forno on the other hand, I enjoy, especially for the chicken parm. For worst red sauce, I would nominate Ida's, although they had good stuffed mushrooms.

        24 Fleet St., Boston, MA 02113

        Antico Forno
        93 Salem Street, Boston, MA 02113

        1. re: Pegmeister

          I think I'm the only one on this boars who actually likes Ida's. Worst is Piccola Venezia. For moderately priced I like Galleria 33 and Locontes. For a little more pricey Carmen, Maurizio's and Marco. And for the best of the best Prezza.

          24 Fleet St., Boston, MA 02113

          Piccola Venezia
          263 Hanover St, Boston, MA 02113

      2. Assuming you are not searching for worst red sauce, I can recommend the very basic fare at Trattoria Il Panino, Pagliacci's, and Giacomo's (seafood and huge lines, typically) - and I like but don't love Antico Forno (can't resist Neptune Oyster if I get this close). Maria's is my favorite bakery for the lobster tails.

        Newbury St is more a scene than a food destination, but I like Steve's Greek and Summer Shack on Dalton is nearby, as is Brasserie Jo (solid, consistent French basics) along with the venerable Eastern Standard only a 10-minute walk away.

        Neptune Oyster
        63 Salem St Ste 1, Boston, MA 02113

        Eastern Standard
        528 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

        Antico Forno
        93 Salem Street, Boston, MA 02113

        Summer Shack
        310 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210

        Steve's Greek Restaurant
        316 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02115

        Il Panino
        266 Hanover St, Boston, MA 02113

        Brasserie Jo
        120 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02116

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        1. re: rlh

          Thx, all, for the suggestions. I can't wait to try some of these spots. If there are any other Indian restos in Boston proper do let me know. thx again!!!

          1. re: Lotus7

            India Quality is a good Indian restaurant, just a few blocks past the west end of Newbury St., in Kenmore Square.

            Tamarind Bay is good, if you're in Harvard Square.

            Kashmir on Newbury St probably has the nicest atmosphere, but the food is just so-so.

        2. You're going to mostly find red sauce Italian in the North End. For non-red sauce, try Prezza. For a Peruvian twist on Italian, try Taranta. I honestly think that the best Italian is not found in the North End. The atmosphere is great, and being able to get a great cannoli after dinner is always a plus, too. BUT, I actually prefer erbaluce for northern Italian (mostly Piemontese) and Via Matta as well for its take on the food of Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna. They are both higher end restaurants that are only comparable to Mamma Maria and Prezza.

          24 Fleet St., Boston, MA 02113

          Via Matta
          79 Park Plaza, Boston, MA 02116

          1. My picks:

            Shanti in the Dorchester section of Boston has excellent Indian food, and the atmosphere is cozy and quiet. I also love India Quality, but the atmosphere isn't quite as pleasant as Shanti.

            A less touristy spot in the North End is Massimino's. It's a bit off the beaten path, but well worth it if you like Southern Italian fare.

            Newbury Street isn't my favorite spot to go for food, but Cafe Jaffa (just off Newbury, on Gloucester) has excellent Lebanese and Israeli food at decent prices.

            Cafe Jaffa
            48 Gloucester St, Boston, MA 02115

            207 Endicott St, Boston, MA

            India Quality Restaurant
            484 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215