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Apr 13, 2010 09:09 PM

Truffles in Calgary?

Anyone know where one could find truffles here? Thanks.

Edit: the tuber, not the chocolate variety.

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  1. Well I never lived in Calgary but did live in Edmonton and had a hard time sourcing gourmet stuff so I use this website now even in Toronto. called and they ship canada wide so you can try em out.

    1. Nope. As my experience goes, there is no way you're finding retail truffles here. Seems spoilage is the primary issue, so all stocks get eaten by the restaurant industry and eastern seaboard/Great Lakes retailers. Perhaps, if you're very nice to a sous chef downtown somewhere...

      Truffle oil, on the other hand, will be found at many of the boutique groceries in the city.

      I would be very happy to be proven wrong, tho.

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        You can also find truffle salt at some of the stores as well - know Cookbook Co. carries it. yum

      2. web site says they have them.they have undergone a change recently so you might want to call to see.hope that helps

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          From Today's Herald:

          Meanwhile, Flavours of the World has moved into a warehouse space at 108 50th Ave. S.E., 403-278-6670. Chef/owner Richard Desnoyers' wholesale business was outgrowing the Canyon Meadows location, so he passed the retail side to Fontaine and is now focusing on supplying restaurants and food shops with his wares. He brings in a raft of fine Quebec cheeses as well as foie gras, truffles and other global favourites. He's still open to the public

          Read more:

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              Nice one. The article you mention also tells us what will open in the old Wildwood space: "One other note on Mission-area pizza: by midsummer, Bar Vittorio will open in the former Wildwood location at 2417 4th St. S.W. Owner Dominic Carocciolo -- who also owns Mercato nearby -- is currently renovating the space into what he calls a "family pizza restaurant." The name "Vittorio" is in honour of his father, who still spends most of his time at Mercato.

              Wildwood itself should return in a different form in the not-too-distant future. The owners are finalizing details on a new location and should be announcing plans soon."

          1. I got some a few months ago at cookbook co. There were black summer truffles in a jar with oilve oil. Great for any recipes calling for truffles, though I would avoid shaving them over the top of dishes like you would with fresh black/white truffle. Better cut into slices and mixed into dishes. They are in the freezer at cookbook co. I have also bought black truffles at Mercato but only in Oct-Nov as this is Italy's truffle season... Hope this helps.

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              Seriously? Nice one. I've never noticed them at Cookbook. Do you mind if I ask you what you paid?

              1. re: Leibowitz

                Ya, I was surprised as well... I believe the ones I got were $40ish for 3 good sized truffles, they also had a smaller jar avaliable for $30ish that had one regular (golf ball) sized truffle and a smaller guy... I was expecting to pay more in all honesty.. But keep in mind they are "black summer truffles" -Tuber aestivum/unicinatum as oppesed to their more expencive relatives the white and black perigold's ( Tuber magnatum and Tuber melanosporum,) which can go for $1000-$2200 per pound... Still a GREAT treat for any truffle lover!! The only downside is once you open the jar of summer truffles you must use them in a weeks time (like that would be a problem for a true foodie!) Any leftovers are great grated with a microplaner then added to sea salt... Home made truffle salt, good on anything and everything! Lime jello, meh.. Lime jello with truffle salt... Sign me up!!

                1. re: Iamclarkman

                  Never understood the appeal of truffles in oil...even when we tried them in france (it was not truffle season) they were competely tasteless! Urban Fresh did carry them, but I am not sure if that is still the case....oops I misread the post..this is in Edmonton!

            2. Try for Black and white truffles, including the Australian Perigord, which means they have truffles all year round. Just had a tasting of some of their other gourmet products - the aged bourbon maple syrup and extra age sherry vinegar is special stuff.

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                Thanks. I will be trying them soon!

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                  Aussie truffle season is RIGHT NOW!!! I had the fortune to live in Western Australia close to Manjimup where the first Aussie truffles were planted...they have a truffle festival every year (this year it is this weekend coming up!) and I've wondered if I could get my hands on some via mail. I do know they mail order them...though the price is crazy! It would be a bit more manageable if a group of people ordered.